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I Feel Pretty

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Nothing can make my heart happier than a new dress. I absolutely love dresses! Knowing I had an invite to a wedding at The Kentucky Castle, a shopping sesh seemed in order, and since I was in Danville last week for my day job, it was recommended that I pay the ladies a visit at The Derby Shoppe and Raggs on North Third Street.

These shops (they are side by side) are owned by John and Martha Caywood and I knew I was in the right place simply by looking at their colorful window display. I was greeted warmly by Bonnie and Joann and began my hunt for the perfect frock suitable for a soiree of this magnitude. One of my all-time favorite designers is Donna Morgan, so I was thrilled to see they carried some of her dresses. It didn't take me long to find the sales rack (this is the perfect time of year to buy your summer clothes as it is still warm enough to wear them, but the retailers are looking to clear out the merchandise in preparation for the fall lineup), and lo and behold, I came across three that I couldn't wait to try on. Joann assisted me in the wardrobe room where I started off with the Donna Morgan colorful wrap dress. I came out to show the ladies and they all agreed this was a keeper. Next, I tried on a silk floral number with a flutter sleeve and loved it, too, even more so when Joann brought me a cute denim jacket to slip on over top. I love outfits you can dress up or down! And the jacket was only $30!

The third dress wasn't the right cut for me, so I let it go back to the rack, and since I didn't really NEED two dresses, I stuck with the Donna Morgan and the denim jacket. I will get more use out of it than anything, I'm sure!

Leaving the shop after saying goodbye to Joann and Bonnie (who provided excellent customer service, I'd like to add), I felt so happy knowing I had a dress fit for a princess, but also that I had saved a lot of moolah, just in case I don't win the lottery this week and no longer have to worry about money. It just goes to show you, you can be frugal and fabulous at the same time! So if you're in Danville, be sure to stop in at The Derby Shoppe and Raggs and tell them the KY Taste Buds sent you.

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