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Meet our new intern, Sarah!

My name is Sarah McLeod and I am a senior at the University of Kentucky. I was born and raised in Kentucky in a small town named Ashland, Kentucky. I moved to Lexington for school four years ago and have been here ever since. It’s been a major change from my small town, but I prefer cities over small towns anyways. Once I graduate, I plan to move to an even bigger city such as New York, Houston, Chicago, or Atlanta to pursue fashion. I am a double major at UK in Merchandising Apparel & Textiles as well as Integrated Strategic Communications. Since that is a mouthful, I like to just say I major in fashion and branding.

When I’m not working at PacSun, or babysitting my nephew, I enjoy sewing and reworking clothing into unique pieces. I picked up sewing my sophomore year of college and haven’t looked back since. I’ve always had a different style than many with living in Kentucky, so I decided to make clothing to fit my taste and be one of a kind. I plan to create my own small brand out of the pieces I produce and hope to take that to new levels once I graduate. I also have a year-old German Shepherd who consumes the majority of my life as well. She’s like having a large child that doesn’t talk back. So, I’m pretty occupied every day, but I love to stay busy.

Pieces I made for UK’s fashion show.

1. Your top 3 favorite things about Kentucky.

  • It’s a beautiful state.

  • Most people here are very kind and approachable.

  • There is a diverse range of places to visit such as rural or urban regions.

2. Where you to like to relax or cut loose.

  • My living room.

3. What you like about being a UK student.

  • I love being a part of an SEC school and attending the sporting events.

4. Your favorite Kentucky restaurant.

  • Tony’s is one of the best restaurants I have been to.


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