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Gameday In The Bluegrass: Let's Talk Outfits

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Whether you attend UK games in person or watch on TV, there's something exciting about picking out an outfit to wear for it. SEC gamedays are something I grew up with and couldn't wait to participate in more fully in my college years.

That being said, it can be difficult to find inspiration or recommendations for what to wear, especially if you're looking to shop local or build it from your own wardrobe. This is where I'm coming in to help!

I went to three boutiques in Lexington to find pieces for gameday to help build outfits as a reference for you to build your own outfits. My goal was to find pieces that can be worn for multiple occasions with things from your closet while remaining within the UK color scheme. Think variety and versatility with an emphasis on Kentucky blue.

I started at Peacocks & Pearls before venturing to Mac + White and lastly, Ada & Lo so let's dig in and see what all they had to offer!

First up is tops which is what I found the most of at each place.

The striped collared shirt would be great with light-wash denim or white denim, whether that be in the form of pants, shorts or a skirt. This top can also help transition to fall and through winter by adding a cardigan over top or leaving it open and putting a plain white t-shirt underneath. What I like about this top is that it can be worn many different ways, throughout different seasons and it has a timeless silhouette. (Found at Peacocks & Pearls)

Now we have a cute, short-sleeved blouse with ruffle detailing. I love the neckline on this and the puff of the sleeves but since it does have more to it, I'd stick to a simple bottom. Again, I suggest a neutral color pant or something with a subtle pattern like a black and white pinstripe. (Found at Ada & Lo)

The blouse to the right is similar to the one above but is a lighter material, so perfect for those lingering warm games. This would pair well with a neutral-colored bottom like the one above. Since the color isn't quite as rich and the details are not as intense as the previous blouse, I do think you could wear this with a more patterned bottom but I would still stick to a neutral-colored pattern. (Found at Peacocks & Pearls)

The next tops are similar but with slightly different details. To the left is a more frilly, feminine turtleneck while to the right is a classic turtleneck. I personally love a turtleneck in winter and both of these can be worn for more than just game day. I would pair it with white, black or grey on the bottom. If you want to spice it up, however, I am fully behind you. Try it with a pair of patterned pants, keep reading to see an example that would be great with either of these! (Both are found at Peacocks & Pearls)

To the left is a perfect building block for an outfit, a neutral color without extensive detailing while maintaining a pretty silhouette. I like the idea of putting a blue button-up shirt underneath and leaving it untucked with light-wash jeans and a fun sneaker. Add a ponytail for practicality and to show off some earrings and you're set. Another way to style this would be to put it with fun blue pants, I imagine a bold stripe or gingham. It's also great to transition into fall and winter because you can wear it over a long-sleeve or on its own. I would even wear it during the summer with denim shorts to do errands. (From Ada & Lo)

The cardigan to the right may be my favorite of the options for tops honestly. I love a cardigan moment and the white edges on the color and down the front are a classic-looking detail I'm obsessed with. I would put a plain white T-shirt underneath and add your favorite pair of jeans and a white sneaker for a perfect comfortable but stylish game day outfit. For a colder game, substitute the white T-shirt for a white turtleneck, and it's done! (Found at Peacocks & Pearls)

To round out the tops, I included game-day-specific options in case you want something to wear just for the occasion. Each of these could be paired with blue jeans or a blue pant and would be the perfect way to spice things up for a game against a big opponent (Tennessee or Alabama anyone?). (Left two are found at Peacocks & Pearls, right is found at Ada & Lo)

Moving on from tops, let's look at pants!

These are two pairs of patterned pants that I think could pair well with a blue shirt of some kind, maybe pull out that UK T-shirt you have in your closet. They also would both look great with a half-tucked blue button-up or one of the tops seen above. I love a pair of patterned pants to spice things up and these can probably be worn to work as well! (Left is found at Peacocks & Pearls, right is found at Ada & Lo)

The last section of clothing I'm going to share is dresses!

First up is this navy, collared shirt dress. I love navy for game days and the silhouette of this dress is flattering on everyone. Add a white cardigan over top and some fun bracelets and you're set! I'd love this dress with white sneakers or brown boots as the weather gets cooler. I think this dress could also be good with a tight white turtleneck underneath if you need a little extra warmth! With this dress, accessories can be so fun and eye-catching to jazz it up for the game or you could go simple and classic for everyday wear. I think this would also fare well for a fall day at Keeneland!

(Found at Ada & Lo)

This dress has a similar vibe to the previous one but is more on par with being UK blue. I love the sleeves and pleats at the bottom, it adds just enough oomph to an otherwise plain dress. I'd style it the same way with white sneakers or brown boots and fun accessories. I'd pull your hair up to let the collar have its moment and add a dangly earring to finish it out.

(Found at Mac + White)

To the left, we have another blue dress, this one with an imprinted pattern and long sleeves. This dress would be great with brown or black boots, I like riding boots specifically for this one. For accessories, I would keep it more minimal and classic to fit the vibe of the dress and, if needed, layer a long coat over top.

(Found at Peacocks & Pearls)

This is only a taste of what boutiques in Lexington have to offer as far as game day apparel is concerned. Hopefully, now you have a few new ideas to try if your wardrobe is feeling stagnant on Saturdays! If you end up buying anything from this post or drawing inspiration from it, leave a comment on one of our socials to let us know!

Go Cats!


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Taking you with me the next time I go shopping! Great picks and so pretty. C Herman

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