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Lyles BBQ - It's Personal

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Their motto is "Where Your Family Eats With Ours". It's on their menu and it's on their wall as soon as you enter their second location in the Stonewall Shopping Center in Lexington (the original location is in Nicholasville). This idea of a family sharing what it does so well and wanting to make you feel at home is what sets this BBQ joint apart from the rest.

Leigh and I were honored to be invited to participate in the BBN Chalk Talk's podcast last Saturday which was held, interestingly enough, in the Lyles BBQ restaurant. Before we talked to Matt Smith, Coach Lile and Max Godby, we took the opportunity to indulge in some amazing food, and as the good Taste Buds we are, we want to share our thoughts with you.

The first thing you notice as soon as you step in the door is the delicious aroma. Mouth-watering and hunger-enticing. After perusing the bountiful menu, we decided to start with just the basic, pulled pork sandwich. Although they offer several sauces, including original, spicy (my fav), sweet, bourbon and bama white, the true test of good BBQ is how it is naked. And I'm not talking about the state of the person eating the food, but rather that's the BBQ term for the meat itself sans sauce. The meat was piled high on a potato bun (it makes a difference) and with the first bite we were in love. It literally melts in your mouth. Perfect smoke flavor in every bite. We were some happy girls!

While waiting for our sammy, I took a few minutes to chat with the front-of-the-house employee, Clay. I asked Clay what sets Lyles apart from any other BBQ joint and he said it's the hands-on approach they take to everything they do. It's all made in-house, including the sides. Smoked mac, granny smith slaw, potato salad, cowboy baked beans, green beans, all like Grandma used to make! Leigh loved it so much she went back the next day with her husband, a former Texan (and we know how much they like their BBQ) and had the sides. She confirmed they were equally as amazing as the meat itself. An added plus for all of our beer-loving buds, they now serve beer, including a local favorite, Country Boy!

Lyles also has something they call BBQ potatoes (and I've seen the picture on Instagram) which is basically a ginormous spud with your choice of meat, cheese sauce, shredded cheese, sour cream and scallions. Holy cow! Get in my belly! That's on our list for our return visit. Have a big crowd coming over to the house and you don't feel like cooking? Let Lyles cater it for you. They make it easy to do on their website. Your guests will be floored by your generosity! Also, be sure to check out their website as they have video blogs (vlogs) made by Chandler Lyles and they are a hoot! You really get to know the family, see how hard they work, and how much love they put into their food. Plus, they invite you into the kitchen to see how everything is done, and you can be sure if they are inviting cameras into their kitchen, they are proud of what they are doing.

Another wonderful reason we love living in Kentucky is the fact that BBQ is so bountiful here. In fact, a quick search reveals that Lexington has over 15 restaurants dedicated to the craft. I've tried almost all of them and I have to admit this is the best I can remember having. If you're in the Central Kentucky area, make your way to this event and sample for yourselves. I think you'll agree that Lyles is a winner, which is why it made this month's Hot Ta-ma-Leigh List!

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