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Top 3 Places To Get Fall-Flavored Coffee

If any of y'all are like me, you love a good coffee, especially when it gets to fall.

Lexington has so many local coffee shops that I have loved trying out over the past few years, so I have a few recommendations!

First off is my favorite, Chocolate Holler, located on Old Vine Street. I usually get an iced or hot chocolate and add espresso to make it actual coffee. They have an array of flavors that change a tad between seasons, currently, they have both a chocolate chai and a pumpkin pie flavor along with their typical menu. If you want a small snack they also have incredible Oreo balls that I recommend.

Another coffee shop I frequent is Old School Coffee, located on North Mill Street. They have their usual menu with caramel, white chocolate, vanilla and hazelnut flavored drinks. Old School luckily does have a drink of the week special that features more seasonal beverages. Recently they've had a toasted almond latte, a coconut brown sugar chai latte and a bourbon maple latte. If you plan to go, look at their Instagram to see what their drink is for that week.

The third coffee place I'm going to recommend is Third Street Stuff & Coffee, located on North Limestone near Transylvania University. They have a good variety of syrups you can use in your coffee to really customize it which is great if you're picky like me. I recently went to check out their fall options which includes a salted caramel apple latte they refer to as the "bobbing for apples latte". On their flavors list they have everything from maple spice to toasted marshmallow which can be added to any coffee. I opted for a hot hazelnut mocha because I love hazelnut in the fall and I went on a particularly chilly day so it called for a hot drink.

Lexington has such a good array of coffee shops, and most are consistently good, but these are my picks for fall-specific drinks. Let us know if you try any or have recommendations for us to try!

Happy Fall!



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