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Thanksgiving Meals: From Take Away Pies to Full Dining Experiences

As we approach Thanksgiving, meal planning is likely underway. If you have a large extended family, a group of picky eaters or someone with a lot of dietary restrictions, buying a few parts of your meal from the store or going out to eat may be a good option.

If you stay in Lexington for the holiday, here’s a round-up of places you can eat at or order parts or all of your meals from, one more thing to be thankful for.

First of all, starting with desserts. Looking beyond the Kroger Bakery, we have Missy’s Pies and La Petite Delicat depending on your tastes. A classic pumpkin pie can be ordered from Missy’s a few days in advance or you can choose to include a bit of French culture in your dessert by getting specialty macarons from La Petite Delicat.

Photos courtesy of La Petite Délicat / Facebook

For the rest of your meal, The Fresh Market and Whole Foods offer main dishes and an array of sides for ordering, with both having options for dietary restrictions. If you’re looking to shop locally you can look to Critchfield Meats or Minton’s which both have meat, sides, and sometimes dessert options available for order.

As far as restaurants open on Thanksgiving Day there are a few great options. First we have Cru at The Summit at Fritz Farms or Frank & Dino's which are both more of an adult only Thanksgiving in my opinion. Family friendly wise, Good Food Co-Op will have their hot bar open for early to late lunch and Bella Notte is also open. If you plan to dine out, most places are only taking reservations so plan ahead!

We hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving with whomever you celebrate! The Buds are thankful for you!


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