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Your Place for Monster Milkshakes!

Article Written by Brooklyn Walters

This week, I tried out one of the sweetest treats in Lexington at Cattywampus Station. To say the least, their milkshakes went above and beyond my expectations for a milkshake. Their food was also phenomenal.

Before getting into the details about my meal, I have to note that I love the location of Cattywampus Station, and it adds to my experience of it. Lexington Green is one of my favorite parts of the city. I love coming there to get a new book at Joseph Beth, do homework outside by the pond and feed the ducks and swans that live there.

I grew up coming to Lexington Green and Joseph Beth because I loved books so much and grew up in a book-loving family, so I have fond memories attached to it. Coming here to get an amazing looking and tasting milkshake makes me feel like a kid again!

This would be a wonderful place to go in the summer when you want to cool off with a cold treat. The atmosphere is fun and great for all ages. I had the birthday milkshake, fries and the hot brown. All of them were excellent!

I love a good hot brown, and this one was great. The sauce was light, the ingredients were proportional, and it tasted like something I’d have at home, which makes it a success in my book!

The fries had one of the best seasonings I’ve had, quickly making this one of my favorite places to get fries in Lexington.

The birthday milkshake was adorable and would be great for any kid or kid at heart. It was very rich, so I do recommend sharing it between 2-3 people.

All around, I would recommend that you try Cattywampus Station. It’s a unique and fun place in Lexington for a lunch date, a gathering with friends or an outing with kids.


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