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What to get Dad?

Father's Day is right around the corner and the question is, "What do I get Dad this year?". You're in luck because we have a few gift ideas sure to please any man.

1) Handmade leather messenger bag - $310 - If your dad's work-from-home tenure is over and he's headed back to the office, send him back in style with this handmade leather messenger bag from Circle E Bar in Salvisa, Kentucky. The leather comes from KY cows, so you know it's going to be superior in every way! You can purchase this high-quality accessory at Sweet Mash in Lawrenceburg.

2) Golf balls - $12 - Lots of dads like to hit the links. Help your dad stand out from the rest of the hacks - I mean pros - out there by gifting him this set of three whimsical golf balls from Sweet Mash. With phrases like "World's okayest golfer", "Let's par tee", and "Talk birdie to me", he will chuckle every time he retrieves his ball from the tall grass - I mean hole.

3) Play Golf Lexington Loyalty 2021 Range Card - $250 - Pair those whimsical golf balls with a pass to hit range balls. Cardholders can get unlimited range balls to hit at either Lakeside Golf Course or Kearney Hill Golf Links during normal business hours. Availability subject to change due to weather, outings, events, or other similar reasons. To check availability, call Kearney Hill Golf Links at (859) 253-1981 or Lakeside Golf Course at (859) 263-5315.

4) Style Club Box from Mac and Clay - price varies - Dress your dad up in some stylish new duds with the help from the guys at Mac and Clay on Southland Dr. They will curate a style box just for him and drop it off at his door so your dad can try the items on at his leisure, decide what he wants to keep, and return the rest. It's so simple! Ladies aren't the only ones who enjoy a good subscription box; men do, too!

5) On Tap Tours - Stills and Mash tour - $195/person - Spend quality time with your dad by taking him on a tour of local distilleries and breweries. The folks at On Tap Tours will take you to three stops where you will experience special tastings and tours. They take care of everything; all you have to do is show up to have a good time!

Whether the gift is big or small, take the time to thank your dad for all of the sacrifices and hard work he's put into you. A heartfelt "thank you" goes a long way! And if you want to know what your dad wants most of all, it's simply time with you!

Happy Father's Day to all the awesome KY dads out there!


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