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Tolly-Ho Turns 50!

Lots of wonderful institutions turn 50 this year: Walt Disney World, the McDonald's Quarter Pounder, the Eagles, and even me and Leigh! Equal in status (if not higher, IMO), would be Tolly-Ho Restaurant in Lexington, Kentucky. While it's moved three times during its long life, Euclid to South Limestone and then to South Broadway, it still retains the Tolly-Ho charm and consistently serves up some of the best food around, especially for late-night partiers. If you went to UK, you went to Tolly-Ho; if you work downtown, you've been to Tolly-Ho; and if you're a night owl, you've been to Tolly-Ho. From business people to college athletes, and everyone in between, you will find them all at Tolly-Ho.

Photo Credit: Doug R - TripAdvisor

Tolly-Ho was started by two men, Bob Tolley and Bob Hollopeter, thus the name, Tolly-Ho. They both loved burgers so they created the iconic Ho Burger, including the Tolly-Ho, the Mega Ho and the Super Ho. They took a hands-on approach to the business and this has led to the success and longevity of the restaurant. Their mission is to provide their customers with a "tradition of quality food with quick and friendly service in a clean and unique atmosphere". They have long-time employees that are dedicated to continuing the legacy started all those years ago. The love they pour into their food and customer service can be felt by anyone who dines there.

Two of our favorite things about this place is they offer breakfast 24 hours a day, and they have old school video games, including pinball! There is nothing better than a delicious omelet served with piping hot coffee and a side of crispy bacon to help get you going in the morning or, in the case of late night revelers, as a nightcap to a raucous evening! The Pac-Man video game and the pinball machines add to the nostalgia, providing some side entertainment as you wait for your food to be prepared. These two aspects, along with an outdoor seating area and plenty of parking, keep people coming back time after time, year after year.

The remnants of a fantastic breakfast!

If you haven't been to Tolly-Ho, don't let another day go by without stopping in. It's a Lexington tradition not to be missed. And if they keep doing things the way they always have, we are certain that Tolly-Ho will be around for another 50 years. We just hope the Ky Taste Buds can say the same!


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