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Meet our new intern, Sylvia!

Hello everyone! My name is Sylvia and I am so excited to be an intern with Kentucky Taste Buds this spring.

Having grown up in a small suburb of Chicago for all of my life, I decided early on that I wanted a change of scenery when I left for college. The day that I visited the Bluegrass State was the day that I knew the University of Kentucky would soon be my new home. Fast forward to today, I am currently a junior at UK studying Integrated Strategic Communication with a minor in International Business. These past three years in Kentucky have been nothing short of amazing, and I am so grateful for all the incredible memories I have made.

Since coming here, there are three things Kentuckians have made me fall in love with: local businesses, Kentucky Basketball, and of course, Keeneland. I have developed a pretty serious shopping addiction since visiting the boutiques here in Lexington, but I will say that I definitely don’t regret it! As far as Kentucky Basketball goes, I grew up playing basketball, so it was no surprise to me when I quickly became a Big Blue Nation superfan. The intensity and excitement at a UK basketball game is truly unmatched, not to mention devouring the classic Rupp Arena ice cream cone (if you know, you know) during the game. And lastly, Keeneland. Keenelad season is by far my favorite time of the year because there is nothing quite like a beautiful day at the races, even when I end up losing most of my money from betting on horses.

Speaking of Keeneland, one of my favorite places to cut loose and relax is on the outskirts of the Keenland racetrack. There are the these winding backroads that cut through the most beautiful green fields and it is nothing short of gorgeous on a sunny day. It is incredibly calming to drive or walk along these roads, and I can’t help but find a sense of peace when I am there.

As you can probably tell, I think Kentucky is a very special place, but there is something about being a student at UK feels extra special: the people within the campus community. From other students, to sorority sisters, to the professors on campus, everyone I have met has made me feel so at home and so loved. Sure the state-of-the-art buildings and award-winning athletics make UK more than special, but I genuinely believe that the people here are what make this place what it is.

Last but definitely not least, the food in Kentucky is nothing short of spectacular. My favorite restaurant is Agave and Rye, located in the heart of downtown Lexington. It is known for serving wacky tacos with unusual topping combinations, but somehow, it just works. My personal favorite taco is The Rooster, loaded with mac and cheese and Nashville fried chicken. YUM!

Thank you all for checking in to hear a little bit about me and all the reasons I love to call Kentucky my second home. I hope you follow along with me as I continue to learn about all the amazing things that make the Bluegrass State has to offer.


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