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Let’s Get Brewing, It’s National Beer Day!

Article written by Jossi Duda

Time to celebrate the world’s most consumed alcoholic beverage along with being the

third most popular drink overall. Beer! Beer is known as one of the oldest prepared beverages and even goes back to 9500 BC. Raise your mugs high today no matter what kind of beer you like to enjoy! Today, we want all beer lovers to thank the best local breweries here in Lexington for supplying us with nothing but the best-tasting beer and for always providing a wide variety of choices. Here are a few of the best local breweries you must check out.

Photo courtesy of Mirror Twin

Located at 725 National Ave, Mirror Twin is one of the most popular breweries here in Lexington. They are always releasing new beers which will give you the opportunity to always have something new to try. Customers say they enjoy trying their New England-style IPAs from their rotating selection. A fan favorite from their year-round beers would have to be their Oregon Pale Ale. Many people have also mentioned that they love how dog-friendly Mirror Twin is. Don't forget to get a piece of delicious pizza from Rolling Over Pizzeria while you are there. Your tummy with thank you!!

Picture courtesy of Ethereal Brewing

Next up on the list is Ethereal Brewing, located at 1224 Manchester Street. The best part of this brewery is its perfect location. It is in the Distillery District and right next to Goodfellas Pizza.

Customers said they enjoy going to get some pizza at Goodfellas and then walking over to

Ethereal to get some beers. Ethereal is more than just a place to get some beer though, you can enjoy playing darts and shuffleboard as well! A fan favorite from Ethereal would be tap #15, Ethereal Wanderland IPA, a good classic IPA.

Photo courtesy of Country Boy Brewing

Last, but not least, Country Boy is another fun brewery that is located at 436 Chair Avenue and 101 Innovation Way in Georgetown. Country Boy Brewing was founded by four local Kentuckians who had a passion for amazing craft beer. They pride their business on making beers with high quality and real ingredients.

It is hard to have just one favorite here, so the top three must-try is the shotgun wedding, cougar bait, and super-premium. Most of the beer you can find here is also served in a lot of bars around town, so keep your eye out for those!

Enjoy the day with an ice-cold beer and thank those who help serve your beer cravings!


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