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Holy Cannoli, Desserts by Rebecca are Delicious!

Updated: May 2, 2022

Article Written By Olivia Harper

If you clicked on this blog, then I can only assume you’re also a foodie like me! When I moved to Georgetown a little over a year ago, I was determined to find local restaurants that had amazing food. Talk to those close to me and they’ll be the first ones to tell you I can become a complete nerd about food! However, my favorite type of food to obsess over is dessert. With that being said, the best dessert place I have found has to be Desserts by Rebecca in downtown Georgetown. I had the opportunity one early morning to chat with Rebecca about what makes her dessert shop so addicting!

An avid baker since she was 12 years old, Rebecca has always had a niche for what makes desserts so tasty. Growing up, her family would spend the holiday seasons baking together. Her grandmother’s recipes were unlike any other. Little did she know, these family memories of baking special recipes would grow to occupy a large part of her heart. Fast forward to adulthood and Rebecca attended baking and pastry school at Sullivan University in Louisville, Kentucky. Upon her graduation, she worked at popular establishments such as the Seelbach Hotel and the Lafayette Club. However, once her children were born, she decided to take a step back and focus on family life.

As her children grew older, parents at birthday parties began approaching Rebecca for birthday cakes. This eventually grew into the most popular product of her business today, custom cakes. In fact, her custom cake orders became so popular she eventually added an addition to her house to be able to handle the large order capacity. Fast forward 10 years later, and her business was busting at the seams. This led to the Desserts by Rebecca downtown shop being born in 2019.

Walk into her shop and you’ll understand why her desserts are so addicting. Not only is every pastry special in its own way, but it’s all delicious. On a daily basis, you can see her top best sellers, macaroons and cream horns, slowly dwindling down in quantity. Along with these items, she has every pastry possible. Brownies, cookies, and cupcakes line the trays every day with a different flavor for every different type of tastebud. Also offered, are buckeyes and bourbon balls that will make your mouth water. Some mornings you can also catch fresh bread coming out of the oven as well. Trust me, I have tasted a large chunk of her pastries, and still have so much more to try! You will never run out of options.

The largest part of Rebecca’s business today remains to be custom cake orders. The design possibilities are endless at this shop! Every week she has new designs she has yet to do before. Her cakes are miraculous. No matter the occasion, she will absolutely make sure your cake is a highlight of the occasion. When I inquired about a cake for a Kentucky State Police graduation, I was met the easiest cake order experience I have yet to have. On pickup day I was amazed! The cake not only looked amazing but tasted amazing as well. Looking back, that cake was a major highlight of the celebration. I cannot thank Rebecca enough for creating something so special.

Having the opportunity to chat with Rebecca was another added highlight of the shop! If you ever see her in the shop, say hi because you might need some help deciding what to try. If you’re planning on visiting the shop, keep an eye out because they’re expanding again! Coming this summer Desserts by Rebecca will be moving to a larger shop just around the corner in downtown, Georgetown. This will allow customers to experience even more product and be able to enjoy it at the shop too. Happy foodie adventures!


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