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Find Your Zen: How to Become Blissfully Restored

Article Written by Brooklyn Walters

Life can be stressful. Taking some time to rest and clear my head is always helpful to me, especially on the weekends when I finally have time to take a break from the many tasks of the week.

Finding something that makes you feel relaxed and refreshed is important to focusing on your holistic well-being.

The Spa at Griffin Gate is offering a relaxing weekend retreat from Feb. 3-5 for you to do just that! This retreat, “Blissfully Restored”, will include spa treatments, yoga, meditation, a private dinner prepared by their exclusive chef and more. Arrive Friday evening ready to let go of your worries, and leave Sunday feeling good and ready for another week!

Oftentimes, out of the quiet moments—like ones at a retreat—comes a better, happier me. This is an opportunity to spend some time slowing down and learning that life doesn’t have to always be rushed.

Let yourself have some time to rest and enjoy yourself at The Spa at Griffin Gate. This would make a great retreat for some alone time or for a girls getaway!

By the time you leave, I hope you will have had a much-needed time of reflection and calmness so that you will walk out ready to take on the following week joyfully.

Click here for more details and booking information.


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