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Caesars Casino: The Perfect Wager

As a former CPA, I am not one to take a lot of risks. I used to be the person who had zero desire to gamble. For me, it was like throwing dollar bills into the trash. But that all changed when Tam and I started Kentucky Taste Buds and forced ourselves to try new things.

We first experienced casinos a few years ago and I surprised myself how much I liked them. I learned that it was less about "throwing away money" and more about having fun. I easily spend hundreds of dollars a month on entertainment, whether it's going to the movies, eating out or attending concerts, so going to a casino was just another form of entertainment with one exception; you might leave with your money back or better yet, more than what you went with. The key is to know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em. Kenny Rogers has taught me well.

So, when asked what I wanted to do for my birthday this past weekend, it was a no brainer. I chose Caesars Southern Indiana Casino located just 76 miles from my house and one of my favorite casinos around. I've been there a few times but every time I go, I discover something new and always have the best time. It's such an easy drive and a nice weekend escape. When we go, we stay the night and make a whole day of it because I like my cocktails and I don't like to rush through the experience. Plus, the rooms are great and there's even room service!

We started off by checking in and having a cocktail in our room where the process of strategizing began. We always detail out the lay of the land so we can ensure that we maximize our visit. After a little freshening up (complete with my lucky Gambler's hat) and a solid plan, we headed to the gift shop first. (I didn't want any potential losses to influence the birthday present I was going to get from my husband.) And, if you want to feel like you are traveling, you must always buy a souvenir, therefore, I picked out a beautiful amethyst ring. Don't you just love it? Happy birthday to me!

Next, we strolled around the casino, getting a feel for which tables were calling our name. We knew we wanted to bet on the UK game, so we headed over to Caesars Sportsbook where tons of giant TV's were playing everything from basketball to golf. We made a mental note to visit during football season as we are both avid Fantasy Football players and this is a perfect place to watch many games at once. It's also a great place to be this Sunday during the Super Bowl! Caesars Sportsbook has availability for guests that want to get a prime viewing experience of the game without having to stand the entire time. They will also have access to betting kiosks as well as bar service. FUUUNNNNN!

Caesars Sportsbook is also the perfect place to visit during March Madness. They are offering an immersive experience for super fans, selling individual seats in the Caesars Sportsbook where there will be cocktail servers, betting kiosks, a massive TV wall and an adjoining bar. In addition, you can also purchase a private viewing experience in the Laurel Lounge which will feature prepared snacks, drinks and betting kiosks but in a much more intimate and exclusive setting away from the gaming floor and Caesars Sportsbook. Finally, Caesars also has what they are calling Fancaves! You can reserve the Fancaves for up to 6 people per cave. There will be a Gameday menu as well as bottle service or buckets of beer. You will have your own couch and cushioned seats with control of your own big screen tv so you can watch whichever games you want to! All of these are on sale for the first three days (Thursday – Saturday) of March Madness. For more info, click here.

After we placed our sports bet, we headed over to view our dining options. Gordan Ramsey Steak is now open and it is aesthetically amazing!! The menu is equally as fantastic serving everything from beef wellington to sticky toffee pudding. Ooh la la! Be sure to make a reservation when you go because this is one hot spot you don't want to miss. You can also partake in some delectable dishes at Aroma Cafe & Bar, Piazza, Upscale and more. I chose the southern style chicken fingers and loaded fries while my husband enjoyed a Philly cheesesteak sandwich. We took a cherry New York cheesecake to go which later became our midnight indulgence. So yummy.

Once we were fully energized, we hydrated with another round of cocktails and headed for the tables. Roulette is my go-to game because it makes me feel fancy, although I am still not able to follow the ins and outs of all the betting options. For me, I stick to the easy bets: red or black, odds or evens, you know... the ones where no thinking is involved, only good guesses. I played for a solid 45 minutes before I left the table with the same amount I came with, so I consider that a great success! I also tackled the craps table where my only knowledge is NOT to roll a 7 (most of the time anyway) and most importantly, to have fun, which is exactly what I did. We also did a little dancing in the Volt Bar and Lounge because I cannot resist a good DJ, nor can I ignore the Wobble. We did a round or two or three of the slots and while we didn't set any records for most gambled, we maybe should have won an award for having the most fun.

All in all, it was a fantastic night, and I cannot wait to go back. It's the perfect place to go for your birthday, a girls' night out or even a concert. In fact, The Man in Black: A Tribute to Johnny Cash will be happening Friday, March 3. Tickets are on sale on Ticketmaster now! You can purchase them here.

To wrap things up, we ended our night about 1:30 am and I can't tell you the last time we did that. It was a full day indeed and bonus, I got my 10K steps in. While we did not win big bucks that night, we did consider it a big win. We have a Caesars Reward Card which will keep us apprised of reward points and upcoming offers. In fact, we got a free dinner that night thanks to our previous excursions to the casino. We always encourage anyone when having fun, to do so responsibly, but just know it's not always about the gambling at a casino. It's about the whole experience. We went for an adventure and we got it at Caesars.

And that is a wager you can count on.

PS: We'd like to extend a big, big thank you to Caesars Casino for a fantastic time! See you soon at the Roulette table!


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