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Celebrate with Ale-8, Five Kentucky Ideas this Christmas!

We love our Kentucky Ale-8-One and what better way to celebrate one of the Bluegrass's most cherished beverages than to incorporate it into our Christmas traditions? Take a look at 5 great ways to use Ale-8 this holiday season!

1. Festive Lime Sherbet - Tam and I just received a case of holiday themed Ale-8 along with this awesome recipe. Your friends and family will love this Kentucky take on Christmas punch.

  • Combine one quart of lime sherbet slowly with one six pack of Ale-8.

  • Garnish with a raspberry and a slice of lime.

  • Voila! Yummy Kentucky goodness!

2. Ale-8 Glazed Ham - Now most of us have heard about drizzling Coca-Cola on a Christmas ham to enhance the flavor but how about substituting for Ale-8 this season? Just pour one 12 ounce bottle of Ale-8 over a small ham, bake at one hour at 350 and serve up a little southern deliciousness.

3. A Kentucky Christmas Gift Basket - Looking for a last minute gift idea? Why not pick up a holiday themed 6-pack of Ale-8 (shown above), pair it with Bourbon Bonbons, PJ's Beer Cheese and Crackers and a few other Kentucky trinkets to make that Kentuckian in your life a happy camper!

4. Christmas Decor - People find many clever ways to recycle Kentucky products into amazing Christmas decor. Check out a few of these Ale-8 ideas!

5. Ale 8 Cocktail - Nothing like mixing two of our favorite Kentucky treasures, bourbon and Ale-8, to create the perfect cocktail! Check out this recipe called Jubil8!


2 tsp. Ale-8 infused simple syrup 6-8 mint leaves crushed ice 1.5 oz bourbon Ale-8


Gently muddle simple syrup and mint leaves in a silver julep cup. Fill cup with crushed ice. Add bourbon and fill cup with Ale-8. Garnish with a sprig of mint.

And don't forget to try Ale-8's new Cherry Flavor. It's my favorite of the bunch and perfect to mix into your favorite cocktail.

A little Kentucky Merry Christmas from the Buds!

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