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Five Reasons Why You Should Follow KyTasteBuds

Tam and I are just two ordinary, middle-aged women living in the great state of Kentucky and trying to get out of our daily ruts. We started KyTasteBuds (KTB) with the hopes that we would have more fun, explore and experience more of our home state, as well as inspire others to do the same all while generating in-state revenue dollars, or as Tam likes to say... "Keep Kentucky Green".

So if you don't already, here is why we think you should give us a follow and tell your friends to do the same!

1. To learn more about Kentucky. If you are like us, you've pretty much stayed in your own neck of the woods, doing the same daily grind and mundane routine. Same friends, same restaurants, same activities... not because you really want to but mostly because you don't know what else to do. That's exactly the lives Tam and I were living until we started this blog. However, now we are connected to thousands of people around Kentucky and get the best scoop on places to go and fun things to try, thanks to our awesome Kentucky buds!

2. We have fun! Tam and I don't take ourselves too seriously. We have no problem making fun of ourselves or each other which is obvious if you watch our latest videos. We are moms first... but we are also two best friends that love to hang out, share new experiences and laugh. Come join the fun! The more the merrier!

3. We have a cool new podcast called Brunch with the Buds, where we dish on all things good in Kentucky from food, to fashion, to events and people. We strive to have one exciting special guest on our show each week to share not only about themselves and their experiences, but what they too love about Kentucky. Our show is informative but mostly entertaining. You can follow us on Itunes, Google Play, Sound Cloud or just visit our page Brunch with the Buds to get the latest episode.

4. To meet new people! The best thing about Kentucky Taste Buds is the people! No lie! If you just follow our posts, you will begin to see who you share things in common with whether it's food, dancing, outdoor fun or UK basketball! We intentionally made our blog interactive as a way to connect with other Kentuckians and we hope you do the same! In fact, we are planning to have a Kentucky Taste Buds party soon where we can all get together for a night of fun! Woot Woot!

5. Why not? We are not experts by any means, but we strive to do our best and while most of the time we make things up as we go, there is some logic to our madness. Just try us out by following us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. And if you don't like us... then shame on you! Just kidding. Just simply unfollow us and we will pretend this never happened. :)

Well, that's it for now! We hope you join us in our Kentucky adventures and like always, if you have any suggestions or ideas for us, please send them to

Have a great day y'all!

Tastefully yours, Leigh and Tamara

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