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Welcome to Kentucky Taste Buds, a collaborative effort between two best "buds” who are committed to “tasting” all that the beautiful Bluegrass State has to offer from its delectable food, Southern-inspired fashion, craft brews and world-class bourbon, and the many events offered year-round.


Four Score and Seven Years ago...


Leigh and I met back in middle school here in Lexington. As it's extremely bad manners to discuss age, we won't tell you how long ago that was. With the exception of a 10-year period where we fell out of touch, we have been best buds. 

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Our Chefs


Welcome to this month's featured companies!  We know what's good!


The Galt House in Louisville is the perfect staycation getaway. From waterfront views, serene day spa and robust nighlight, it's the place to be! Visit today!


Experience the power of self-care at Pelo West, a tranquil environment where expert therapists tailor each service to your unique needs. Click here to learn more!


Swizzle Dinner & Drinks, is a retro-style  club for the modern diner. It boasts twin revolving floors, an open concept kitchen, and an expansive bar and the view is to die for!  Check it out here!

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