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Wilderness Trail Distillery to Make Hand Sanitizer

Press Release from Wilderness Trail Distillery

Danville, KY

Wilderness Trail Distillery is more well known for its whiskey, but to support those on the front lines during the battle against the spread of Coronavirus it will supply local healthcare providers with hand sanitizer.

The distillery will use its ethanol alcohol to produce hand sanitizer for Ephraim McDowell Regional Medical Center. The distillery plans to produce 500 gallons a week for the next six to seven weeks.

“If we need to continue from there, we will,” says Shane Baker, master distiller and distillery co-owner.

Boyle County Public Health Director Brent Blevins and Danville City Manager David Milliron are working to coordinate distribution of the remainder of the hand sanitizer for use by emergency service personnel. Additional requests can be made via here.

Boyle County Health Department Director Brent Blevins, shown at left, talking with Baker picked up the first batch March 21.

“Our goal is to take care of the healthcare providers,” Baker says.

Danville Mayor Mike Perros:

“As we all know, Wilderness Trail Distillery has been a huge economic addition to Danville and Boyle County. Now, they are showing they provide more than just tourism and business. They are using their talents to benefit the health and safety of our citizens by providing, free of charge, hand sanitizers to area hospitals, nursing homes and first responders. How lucky are we that they thought of this? I’m sure it was not part of their original business plans!"

Wilderness Trail prides itself on being Kentucky Proud with its grains and the provider of its heirloom rye also plans to aid in the project. Sam Halcomb of Walnut Grove Farms in Logan County, says, “Walnut Grove Farms would be honored to donate some bushels of grain toward this cause.”

Wilderness Trail Distillery, the newest member of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, produces two types of Kentucky Straight Bourbon, a single barrel wheated mashbill and a small batch high rye mashbill, as well as a rye whiskey.

To see more, watch this video.


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