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What Will Black Friday Look Like This Year?

Article by Seth Cambron

With COVID-19 causing complete and utter chaos many people are asking, “What will Black Friday look like?” Most retailers are currently still weighing their options but a few have made announcements. For example, Walmart will be partaking in the sales event but not like people are traditionally accustomed to seeing. Walmart is breaking the event up into three different categories that will showcase different deals and promos while taking precautionary steps by limiting the amount of people inside and thoroughly sanitizing. People who are hesitant to be in crowds can find the deals on Walmart’s website. The events will take place throughout the month of November with the first one being on November 4th. In addition, Walmart will be closed on Thanksgiving Day in order to allow employees to spend more time with their families. Dick’s Sporting Goods and Best Buy have already announced they will be shutting down for Turkey Day as well.

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Other companies such as Home Depot, Target, and Macy’s are following a similar schedule as Walmart. Home Depot is allowing customers to capitalize on their deals over a two-month period rather than just a couple of weeks. While COVID-19 has presented many difficult tasks, these different companies are doing everything in their power to make Black Friday as easy, accessible, and safe as possible. It says a lot about these companies that they are more concerned about the safety and well-being of their customers than turning a huge profit.

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With online shopping and Cyber Monday already affecting in-person shopping, these extended Cyber deals may be a new norm. According to a poll by Accenture, 64% of consumers say they are less likely to participate in Black Friday than in previous years. People would rather take advantage of deals in the comfort of their homes than fight the inconveniences that Black Friday can present. With that being said, it won’t feel like a normal holiday season that we are accustomed to seeing with the challenges that COVID-19 has laid upon us.


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