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Shine, Burn and Fight Your Way Through the Holidays

This week is Halloween, and with the changing of the leaves and cooler temps comes the inevitable countdown to Christmas. We all have those friends who are posting cute GIFs of Buddy the Elf stating exactly how many more Fridays there are until Christmas. (And if you’re one of them, please stop. Thank you.) Along with the realization that time is now going to be in fast forward mode, we begin to think about the numerous events and parties and, yes, the dreaded weight gain that we know will accompany this most festive time of the year. Most of us are inclined to say, “Well, I’ll just go on autopilot until January and then I’ll hit the gym and lose these extra few pounds”. But then guess what? January rolls around, you start off strong, but by March you are off the wagon and still packing an extra five pounds you gained over the holidays. This year, why not put a halt to that cycle by trying a new exercise routine and doing what you can to mitigate all those decadent goodies you’re going to be feasting on over the next eight weeks? We have found some great deals on three of our favorite exercise routines to help get you through the holidays feeling and looking your best!

1) Shine PilatesEnd of Year Special – 12 Sessions for $250

If you have been following our Instagram stories, you know that I have become quite enamored with Pilates. I had never tried Pilates up until the beginning of this past summer and I really feel like I have found the perfect exercise routine for me! Pilates helps create balance, strength and length in the body. It has really helped my low back issues and I know I’m stronger and leaner. The class sizes are small, so you are guaranteed personal attention to help you achieve your goals. I have to say it’s also a TON of fun! With the addition of the jumpboards this year, we get extra cardio in without being too hard on our aging knees and joints. Lucie, the owner, is a marvelous teacher and will make sure that you feel comfortable and are doing the exercises correctly to maximize your workouts. I honestly can’t say enough good things about it. And it’s not just for ladies! Pilates was invented by a man and there are guys that take classes at Shine, so fellas, no excuses! Visit or call 859-353-3377 to schedule your first class.

2) Everybody Fights - $99 unlimited classes until end of year when you sign up for a membership.

Ever want to punch the heck out of some annoying coworker? Always feel like your stress level is through the roof? This might be the exercise of choice for you! Everybody Fights has been dubbed as one of “The Most Innovative Gyms in America Right Now” by Fitt. Located at 124 Malabu Drive in Lexington, this place will bring out the fighter in you. Leigh and I took some classes there last year and not only did we get rid of some major aggression, we fell in love with the facility and the awesome trainers. In addition to the BAGS class, where you get to don boxing gloves and take it all out on a punching bag, there are TRAIN classes and ROAD classes. The TRAIN classes consist of interval-based circuits incorporating everything including rowers, bikes, kettlebells, battle ropes, you name it. The ROAD classes will get your endurance up through the use of treadmills and decks. Trust us, the workouts are always different, always challenging, and always fun. We would encourage you to take one of Matt’s classes. That guy is hilarious and will have you believing that you are the next George Foreman! Their awesome website will give you a preview of what’s in store when you sign up to uncover your inner fighter.

3) Burn Boot CampFree 14-day trial

Burn Boot Camp is the ideal program for all of you maximizers out there who want the biggest result in the shortest amount of time. It’s also the ideal environment if you are someone who thrives on a community feel and loves being part of a team. Their classes are called camps and they are conveniently scheduled throughout the day so you can get in, do your 45 minutes, and burn up to 700 calories. Wow! Their motto is “Strength in our bodies and passions in our souls” and if you spend any time at Burn you will see that not only are the trainers passionate, but the participants become equally fired up about achieving their goals, too. People who never thought they could do a burpee or run a lap thrive at Burn and come back week after week to discover what else they can push their bodies to do. Leigh and I did several camps in the spring and I can honestly say I’ve never sweated so much in my life. It is a workout that leaves you feeling incredibly energized…once the soreness wears off. Haha! Our tip: Remember to hydrate and stretch before and after! Seriously, it is a wonderful and encouraging environment! You will be amazed at your transformation if you commit to making yourself a priority. Moms especially have a hard time doing this, but it is the most important thing you can do for your family. Burn Boot Camp understands the importance for moms to have this time to themselves and that’s why they offer complimentary childwatch. Everything you need to get healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle is within you, and Burn Boot Camp will be there every step of the way to cheer you on!

We hope you will take some time for yourself during these next couple of months. Remember to enjoy the moments and not get bogged down by thinking it all has to be perfect! Eat the cake, too! Just a piece, though, not the whole thing! And schedule time for exercise. Your January 2020 body will thank you!


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