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Red River Gorge...ous!

Article Written By Brooklyn Walters

I grew up in one of the counties bordering the Red River Gorge, so in high school, I’d go there several times a week. Now, living in Lexington makes my Gorge trips a little less frequent but no less special. Spending time outdoors will always be a priority of mine, and the Gorge is a wonderful place to do so.

Some of my favorite trails include:

This trail is a moderate to difficult one, and it requires a bit of beginner’s rock climbing at the end. However, this is one of the most beautiful views of the Gorge!

Our engagement photos were taken here, so we have a special attachment to it for that reason, but my husband and I have been coming here since we first started dating. It’s hard to not feel at peace when you’re up here.

It’s a hard hike up, but it always reminds me of my walk with the Lord because I forget about how much my legs hurt and how out of breath I was coming up when I get to the top and see the view.

Length: 1.1 miles

This trail is moderate, as there is a beginner’s rock climbing component to it, but it’s not quite as treacherous as Cloudsplitter. It also has a beautiful view that includes Chimney Top Rock, which is an easier trail just down the road.

Half Moon is probably the most sentimental trail in the Gorge for me. This was my first date with my husband (on which we got stuck on Chimney Top road after getting locked out of his Jeep), and it was where he proposed to me. In between those visits, we took many trips there, had lots of conversations about the future and our lives, and ate huckleberries at the top while we took in the beautiful view.

Length: 0.8 mile

This is an easy to moderate trail and one that is fun to do with kids. It’s a great trail for a summer hike.

You can get in the creek on this trail, which is good for cooling off on a hot day. This trail features a small waterfall, places to get in the creek, and a natural rock bridge, so it’s great!

Length: 1.5 miles

This is an easy trail. It features a rock formation with two large openings in it, hence it being named Angel Windows.

I like this trail because the rock formations are beautiful and it’s a great short and easy hike for cold days or days you’re short on time.

Length: 0.6 mile

This is another easy trail that isn’t vey long. The view at the end is gorgeous, plus it’s another neat rock formation to see.

This would be another trail that is both fun for kids and good for a quick trip.

Length: 0.8 mile

This is a moderately difficult trail with a wonderful view.

If you’re looking for a hike that’s a bit longer and still very enjoyable, this is a great choice.

Length: 4.7 miles

This is an easy trail that isn’t too long. There is a beautiful rock formation that you can go under that makes for a great short hike.

Length: 0.6 mile


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