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Meet Our New Intern, Kendell!

It's day number 2 of announcing our new interns and this gal comes all the way from Atlanta, my old neck of the woods. And much like me, she is an entrepreneurial free spirit, full of ideas and ambitions and highly motivated. Kendell loves fashion, art and creative freedom and we as super stoked to have her. She puts the power in #GirlPower! Welcome Kendell and for more information about who she is, read her full biography below!


My name is Kendell Hutchison and I am currently a senior at UK studying Integrated Strategic Communications and Environmental Sustainability. I am originally from Atlanta GA and moved to Kentucky for college. I am currently CEO and Co-Founder of my business and movement called Goddess Inc. Goddess Inc. is a networking platform that

creates a community for artists and creatives to sell their work, build their personal brand, and collaborate with others.

I hope to pursue the thousands of dreams I have, because limiting myself to one career

has never been something, I think I could handle. I love art, digital media, photography,

Although I am not a Kentucky native, I am a proud supporter of Kentucky and will

always rep it with pride. When I moved here, and even still, people ask me why. It’s

such a random state, they say. Random? No. Underrated? Absolutely! Kentucky is one

of the most raw and beautiful places I’ve experienced and has a great mix of southern

charm and midwestern spunk. I cannot wait to start this journey with the Kentucky

Taste Buds, exploring Kentucky and everything it has to offer.


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