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Meet Our New Intern, Jeff!

Hello everyone, I’m Jeff. I’m excited for this opportunity to write for Kentucky Taste Buds as an intern. I hope to gain a lot of experience from this and hope to use it in my future endeavors. I’m currently a senior at the University of Kentucky, where I’m majoring in journalism. I plan on graduating in December of this year. I also attended Middle Tennessee State University, where I was studying audio production.

I’m from Northern Kentucky, Hebron to be exact. This is near Cincinnati and the Newport area. This area of Kentucky is very unique because of its influence from Cincinnati. One of my favorite places in that area is Braxton Brewing in Covington. It has a great atmosphere that really sets itself apart from other breweries in the area. There is another place called the Covington Yard that has a few local selections of food and drinks.

Being that close to Cincinnati also allows me to be able to go to different sporting events. I’m a huge FC Cincinnati Soccer Club fan as well as a Reds fan. Some of my other interests are video games. I want to eventually go into video game journalism where I can write about all of it. That’s what I really strive for after college.

Thank you all for reading this, and I can’t wait to write more for you and for Kentucky Taste Buds.


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