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Good Giving Challenge 2019

Remember the adage, "Charity begins at home"? It means that we should take care of our families first. And this begs the question, "Who is our family"? Does it simply mean your immediate family, those with whom you live like your mother, father and siblings? Perhaps we can expand that to mean our family includes those living around us, our neighbors, our community. The Good Giving Challenge is a wonderful way to show love to those special nonprofits in our communities that are doing great work by encouraging donations as we kick off this season of giving.

Last year, the Good Giving Challenge raised $1.5 million dollars for 110 Kentucky nonprofits, and this year we want to exceed that goal! This year's challenge will run from Tuesday, December 3, through Monday, December 9. The Blue Grass Community Foundation is behind this cause that started back in 2011 and each year it gets bigger and better with sponsors who match gifts and offer prizes. It's very simple to participate. All you have to do is go to their website here, choose a charity, and donate.

Before you do, however, we would like to introduce you to three important nonprofits, one of which is on the list, but all deserving of your money and attention:

1) My Autism Tribe - Started by a mom with an autistic son, this group seeks to empower, educate and support families affected by autism. Money donated helps to disseminate information through events and communication platforms for autism advocates. You can donate to them directly by clicking here.

2) Packin' the Pantry - Originally a life group project of Porter Memorial Baptist Church, this nonprofit helps those who are above the below and below the upper, meaning they don't qualify for established programs that aid the needy, but often come to the end of the month with nothing left to purchase food. They serve over 200 people each week and receive no budgetary funds from the church, so your donations will go to helping these folks with some of their basic needs. They are really in need of small denomination gas cards. Donations or gift cards can be made to Porter Memorial Baptist Church "Packin' The Pantry".

3) New Life Day Center - This organization serves as a refuge and a connection for the homeless to provide them with services needed to help get them off the streets permanently. Their panhandler program has provided jobs that have resulted in 8500 bags of trash being removed from our community. The organization is constantly in need of funds to keep the center operating and fully functional. You can donate to the New Life Day Center by clicking here.

It is our sincere hope that this holiday season we all will open our hearts to those organizations right here at home that do so much for those in our "family". Together we can make this year's Good Giving Challenge a joyous success!


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