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Five Ways to Spoil Your Pooch!

By Olivia Harper

National Love Your Pet Day is here and it’s time to spoil our pooches! Being a dog mom myself, I can confidently say that there is nothing better than coming home to your pooch after a long day. When my puppy, Vada, comes running to the front door and showers me with kisses, it’s hard to not have a huge smile on my face. Our dogs spoil us with their love and admiration every chance they get. Because of this, it’s important to show our pooches just how much we love them! Here are five simple ways to spoil your pooch that don’t break the bank and are guaranteed to make them smile:

1. Play outside together

If there is one thing Vada loves the most, it’s being outside with her favorite people! Dogs need outdoor enrichment and love the variability that different outdoor locations provide. This variability allows them to stimulate their senses and develop a playful relationship with you. Start researching different dog parks and make new friends in your area, take your dog for a walk around the neighborhood, or simply go in the backyard and play with their favorite toy. Your dog is guaranteed to have fun no matter what because they are spending time with their favorite person – YOU! Plus, it’s added exercise for you as well. Go grab your furry pal and enjoy the outdoors!

2. Surprise them with their favorite treat

Our dogs live on a consistent diet for the majority of their lives. Because of this, each dog has their own treat that brings them the most joy. Surprising them with a treat not only catches them off guard but will also make them feel extra special! Simply pick up a bag of your dog’s favorite treats or a new bone on the way home one day. If you’re feeling like spoiling yourself at the same time, load up your pooch in the car and head to Starbucks or Dairy Queen. Both of their pup cups are guaranteed to make your dog smile. Plus, they also get to squeeze in a car ride with you!

3. Give them a bubble bath

Run the bath and make some bubbles by pampering your furry friend with a bath. Not only will they smell better, but their coat will benefit as well! If your dog doesn’t enjoy the bath, keeps treats nearby and make it a positive, rewarding experience. Odds are, when they get done with their bath, they are guaranteed to have the zoomies because of how clean they feel!

4. Have a cuddly, brush session

If you have a dog similar to mine, there’s a pretty good chance you already spend time out of your week brushing out the knots in their hair. For Vada, getting brushed is at the top of her list of her favorites things to do. This is usually followed by a long, and sleepy, cuddle session. However, even if your dog has a short coat, they can still benefit from a weekly brush. Brushing your dog helps bring out the natural oils in their skin. These natural oils ensure that your dog’s skin is healthy and also adds shine to their coat. If your dog doesn’t like to be brushed, you can always just jump straight into the cuddle session!

5. Give them affection

Dogs are highly affectionate animals that associate touch, eye contact and your tone of voice to comprehend love. Eye contact in particular is an intimate act for your dog. When you look your dog in the eye, you’re displaying trust and affection that only strengthens your bond. These displays communicate love to your dog. Petting your dog is another way to show affection. This contact builds trust and shows appreciation for your furry friend. Lastly, your tone of voice tells your dog a lot about the current situation; this can be as simple as using an excited tone when you come home to your dog or raising your tone when you tell them they are a good boy or girl. These signs of affection are most likely already integrated into your everyday activities, so focus on them for National Love Your Pet Day to truly spoil your pooch!

At the end of the day as long as you spend time with your furry friend, they are guaranteed to be happy. Our furry friends love us and appreciate any special time they get to spend with us. I hope these five ideas helped you brainstorm your dog’s favorite way to be spoiled! Until next time, Liv :)


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