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Fireworks Frenzy!

Article Written By Morgan Boyd

The 4th of July is quickly coming upon us and I cannot wait to celebrate with my friends and family. There are so many fun activities that are perfect for the whole family. One of the more iconic staples of Independence Day is lighting off fireworks. I did a little research and figured out that fireworks were used to celebrate the first holiday in 1777. The very first 4th of July was originally celebrated in Pennsylvania and the celebration included things like a parade and of course fireworks. Today, we carry on the tradition of fireworks by setting them off to commemorate the signing of The Declaration of Independence. Some of my best memories are of me and my family just being together being able to watch the colorful display.

In order for you to make your own great memories here are some places you can buy fireworks in or around Lexington:

Usually around the Summer months tents with fireworks begin to pop up here and there. These are always great options for fireworks because they usually have a wide variety of fireworks. TNT tent, located on 500 W New Circle Road also has a location on 1701 Alexandria Drive. There is a Phantom fireworks tent in the Fayette Mall parking lot located in between the Olive Garden and BJ’s.

If you are like me and like to watch the fireworks from the sidelines there are several places you can go. Starting at dusk on July 2nd there will be a fireworks show in Lykins Park in Winchester. In Lexington, July 3rd begins the city's fireworks at 10pm and people are encouraged to park for free at the Central Bank Center parking lot off of East High Street. Finally, on the 4th of July there will be several shows including in Berea at City Park Expansion, in Frankfort at Taylor Avenue, and in Georgetown at Brooking Park.

As much fun as fireworks are, it is important to remember that they can often be dangerous. If the proper precautions are taken everyone in your family can have a great time! Make sure you are buying your fireworks from a licensed store or stand (the tents I recommended are perfect options). When setting off your fireworks make sure you are reading and following the directions on the package and do not do anything crazy like combine different fireworks or light several at a time. Make sure there is a large amount of distance from the firework that is being set off and the patrons watching, more importantly keep children away from the fireworks. Setting off a safe display ensures that everyone can have a great time!

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