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Ever Woke Up Happy and Said, Huh?

Wednesday morning I woke up happy for what seemed like no reason. I opened my eyes and felt it immediately. Huh? What? Am I still asleep? I wasn’t exactly sure why at first, and it’s kind of funny that I questioned it, but I did. Maybe it was the fact that I had more than five hours of sleep that night. Or that my, "I know so much more than you", brilliant teenage daughter and I didn’t throw down WWF style at the dinner table the night before. Or maybe it was because my husband graciously took the 5 am dog-walk duty while I fake slept. At any rate, I felt happy.

As a result of my uncommon mid-week morning joy, I decided to post a tweet about being happy. I was so exuberant; in fact, I posted a shirtless pic of the beautiful Ryan Gosling serving cookies. (See Exhibit A below.) Sounds odd, I know, but the point of the tweet was to remind us that although we have crazy thoughts and dreams, life is what we make it. Most of us base our day-to-day smiles on our situations, our environments, our encounters, but it goes deeper than that. While happiness is, in a lot of ways circumstantial, it’s most effective when self-imposed. Life is not just about being… it’s about being alive. It’s about dreaming. It’s about hope. It’s about pursuit of dreams and hope. In fact, it’s even in the Declaration of Independence thanks to Jefferson, Adams and good ‘ole Ben! That’s pretty serious stuff. What we feel, in large part, falls on us and how we choose to live our lives. And right now, I am choosing to live happy.

In the last few weeks, Tam and I have decided to step outside of our norms and create a path of our own volition. Yep, I know it’s hard to believe, but no one has come a knockin’ on our door inviting us to create a brand, experience Kentucky living and then blog about it. We decided to do it all on our own. Call us crazy or just plain fools, but our quest to create a little something different in our lives is about discovery, and in some cases, rediscovery. Who are we? What do we like? What makes us happy? “What’s good?" All of these questions stem from yet another budding branch of our evolving tree of life… and I have to tell you, it just downright makes me happy.

Dream chasing, even at 26 years old (ok, 32)… is a fun way to go. If nothing else, you will find something in yourself you did not know. It promises to make you laugh, cry and even scare the hell out of you a little, but it will also make you feel alive. And ain’t that why we are here to begin with?

When you do something that fulfills a part of yourself, it makes you happy. We know that from being parents and spouses and friends, but it’s just as good, if not better, when we do it for ourselves. It really is that simple. So my advice to all is to explore what makes you happy for you – Ky Taste Buds style.

Now in cliché form, FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS. If you don’t have any, create some. And if by chance you find Ryan Gosling in your kitchen, topless, serving you chocolate chips cookies…. CALL ME!!


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