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Environmentally Friendly Activities You Can Do Around Lexington

Article Written by Morgan Boyd

In honor of June 5th being World Environment Day, I have come up with some fun activities that you can do with your friends and family in order to celebrate. This day was created in order to raise awareness about the protection and appreciation of our environment. You can participate in this day by partaking in activities that benefit nature and the outdoors.

Lexington has fantastic hiking and walking trails. One of my favorites is Ravens Run Nature Sanctuary. There are several different trails varying in length, one of the trails takes you to a beautiful overlook over the Kentucky River. Not only does this sanctuary have different trails there are also programs that the sanctuary puts on every month. At the beginning of the month dates are put out with different events that are being held at the sanctuary. Some of May's programs included sunset yoga and a picnic under the stars. I will advise that you carry a map and water with you on the trails. Some are pretty strenuous and I have gotten lost on the trails before and turned my 3 mile hike into 7 miles.

Another one of my favorite activities to do is to take advantage of the Bird Scooters that are available around Lexington. Skip a pricey Uber and download the Bird app in order to find a scooter near you. Not only do you save money on a ride, you are not contributing to carbon emissions by taking a car. You can take the scooters anywhere in Kentucky, my suggestion would be finding a nice patio or outside area where you can enjoy a nice meal in the beautiful weather. When you are done with your scooter all you have to do is make sure you finish out on the Bird app by taking a picture of the scooter wherever you end up leaving it!

Finish up World Environment Day by hanging out in Jacobson Park. Located on Richmond Road, Jacobson park is a large public park that you can hang out in, find walking paths, or participate in watersports and fishing. The Jacobson Park Marina offers fun activities like paddle board rentals, kayaks, and a place that you can launch your own boat from. It is only fitting that World Environmental Day would be spent outside. If you do not get to participate in any of the activities I suggested I still hope that you get to spend the day with your friends and family enjoying the amazing weather that Lexington has been offering so far!


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