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Best Friends Challenge

By Alannah Molenda

Hi, Besties!

It’s National Best Friends Day and nobody celebrates like the Buds… For Tam & Leigh, every day is Best Friends Day!

What comes to mind when you think of your bestie(s)? When I think of mine, I think of someone who will always be a part of my life no matter what! I always tell her that she’s my best friend, but she’s also my sister, my brother, mother, my father, and just about any relation in the book! She plays every role when necessary. My best friend is sometimes a little too close, but always too far when we’re not together. She accepts my craziness, but I equally accept hers because combined, we’re one big ball of crazy! My best friend laughs with me, cries with me, and most importantly she sings/screams love songs with me when the windows are down. She’s the star to my burst, the sprinkles on my sundae, the rainbow in my sky… I couldn’t live without her and every day is better when we’re together!

Now, in honor of National Best Friends Day, it’s time to come together and show some extra appreciation for your best friend(s). With that being said, I have a challenge to propose… I challenge you and your bestie(s) to a day full of fun and adventure in Lexington. Choose one business from each category listed below. After you’ve made your choices, plan a day where you all visit each business (no cheating!!). I guarantee it’ll be a day that you and your bestie(s) won’t forget!

Good Food & Beverages

Daytime Activities

Sweets Treats

Night Life

It’s time to make your choices, request a day off, find a babysitter for your kids (or your husband/wife), and create some quality memories with your best friend(s) in Lexington, KY! If you’re up to it, share your day full of fun and experiences with @kytastebuds on Instagram.

Happy National Best Friends Day!

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