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A Guest Blogger's Picks on Where to Eat

Before I start let me give you some background. I have been in Kentucky for 2 years now. My family and I are originally from Muncie, Indiana.

I was recruited by a company in Louisville, and offered a job. I am a graduate of Purdue University, but a die hard CATS fan.

We liked Bardstown so much that it took very little convincing to settle there. We are not "big city" people so living outside of Louisville was a must anyway.

In our two years we have discovered some great places to dine, however too many to pick just one as a favorite.

2. The Rickhouse in Bardstown. If you are in the heart of Bourbon country you MUST stop in to this fine place. In the basement of the Oscar Getz Whiskey Museum you will find an elegant dimly lit ambiance greets you along with the feeling that you are dining in a whiskey barrel aging house. The Bourbon selection is massive, food is scratch made, and the service is great. The waitresses will just be frank about telling you that you will be able to cut your steak with a butter knife, and she is not kidding.

3. Carson's in Lexington. This is a great date place. Nestled in downtown Lexington is Carson's. We have only been there once, but the the food was phenomenal. Dimly lit ambiance, decorated with bourbon themed artifacts, and Edison style light bulbs this is truly a place to take a special lady and enjoy a night out. You are going to spend more here than others on my list, but it is worth it.

4. Brother's in Campbellsville. Whom does not love a great BBQ place. We were introduced to Brother's by some friends of ours, and we loved it. It is a bit of a drive out of the way, unless you are on your way to Lake Cumberland or the like. They are smoking all of their own meats, and I think they make their sauces. They are very kid friendly, and the prices are reasonable as well. If you plan to go, go early. Every time we have been they have been packed, and have sometimes been out of certain meats for the day.

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