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DryBar - Your Modern Day Fairy Godmother

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

As a little girl, I loved the story of Cinderella. It encompassed all the elements that would capture the attention of any little girl: a princess, a prince, animal friends, and a fairy godmother. The scene from the Disney adaptation of Cinderella where the fairy godmother waves her magic wand over Cinderella and her rags and ashes turn into a beautiful blue ballgown and her hair is magically coiffed into the perfect French twist left me squealing with delight. Well, ladies, if you are like me and this appeals to you, I have found the perfect modern-day fairy godmother (or fairygodmothers, in this case) that are just waiting to turn you into a princess for a ball or date with your handsome prince and it’s called DryBar.

DryBar is a franchise that focuses on providing you with the perfect blowout, and since they focus on one thing, they do it very, very well. You can come in before an event and have your hair washed and styled according to one of the looks you pick from their stylebook. Do you want old-fashioned Hollywood glamor, a sleek-and-smooth blowout, loads of curls, messy beach waves or sky-high volume? They have just the one for you!

The beautiful setting with its gray, white and bright yellow motif is consistent throughout any of their locations across the country, so you know when you walk in you will get the same DryBar experience. And what an experience it is! Relaxing with a glass of wine while professionally trained staff conforms your hair into a masterpiece makes you feel like a Hollywood A-lister, only without the cost of a celebrity stylist.

Some unique features that I absolutely love about DryBar include the BarFly Membership plan where for $80 a month you receive two blowouts, a birthday blowout, and discount on product. This is perfect if you have a lot of events to attend. Another amenity I love is the ability to book it for a party with your favorite gal pals. I also love the product line they carry. With fun names like Hot Toddy, Money Maker, and On The Rocks, and a to-die-for smell, they will help you keep your tresses in tip-top shape. Their website even has video tutorials to assist those of us who are not so adept at styling our own hair.

Conveniently located in Chevy Chase in Lexington, this is sure to be Lexington’s new fav salon. So why not take some time and treat yourself to a beautiful pampering experience that will leave you feeling like Cinderella? Call them today at (859) 618-6093 or visit their website at

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