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Where To Meet A Furry Friend In Kentucky

Did you know spending time with animals can serve as a treatment for coping with certain health issues and help alleviate stress, anxiety and depression?

Happy National Pet Day! I'm sure any of you with four-legged friends to call your own have already decided on a special way to celebrate your pet today. If you're feeling like the cute pug picture above on this Thursday, you might be in need of some love from a furry friend. Lucky for you, I've come up with a list of some of the greatest places in Kentucky to meet a new furry (or scaley) friend.

Kentucky Down Under Adventure Zoo

Kentucky Down Under in Horse Cave, KY brings all the awesome wildlife from Australia to the Bluegrass. Emus, Kangaroos and Kookaburras, as well as local sheep and cows are available to visit. There's also cave excursions and interactive exhibits to complete your adventure! Visit for more information!

Salato Wildlife Center

Salato Wildlife Center in Frankfort, KY is a great option if you're seeking a well-rounded wildlife experience. With both indoor and outdoor exhibits, such as the Warm Water Aquarium, Snakes of Kentucky, or Black Bear and Elk exhibits, and hiking trails and fishing lakes, Salato has it all! There's even horseback riding and classes on agriculture, wildlife restoration and hunting. Taking a visit would be a great way to add some excitement to your weekend plans. Click here to learn more about Salato.

Louisville Zoo

I couldn't leave the Louisville Zoo off this list. With so much to do and see, it's a rockin' location to learn more about our furry nature pals. There's tons of exhibits, giving you the opportunity to learn about animals from all continents. From elephants to polar bears, the Louisville Zoo has something for everyone. For more information on admission and parking, visit

Kentucky Reptile Zoo

Located in Slade, KY, the Kentucky Reptile Zoo offers the unique experience of a zoo dedicate specifically to reptiles. From local to exotic species, you're sure to learn something cool about a cold-blooded creature. Click here to learn more!

Henry's Ark

Prospect, KY has been home to Henry's Ark since the 1980s. It started as a refuge for rescued animals and now serves as a petting zoo located 20 minutes outside of Louisville. Henry's features a variety of domesticated, local and exotic animals. Visit their Facebook Page for more information!

Kentucky Humane Society

For those of you looking into bringing a new pal into your family, adoption is always recommended. The Kentucky Humane Society offers a wide variety of pets available for adoption. There's also veterinary and grooming services available at many locations. Check out this link for a list of Kentucky Human Society locations that offer the options of adopting or even just visiting to play with some furry friends.

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