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The Pets of Kentucky Are Representin'

I had no idea that when I put a request on Facebook and Twitter for pet pics that the response would be so overwhelming. Boy, how we love our animals! Tam and I included. So, I thought I would pay homage to #NationalPetDay by creating a collage of all of the Kentucky pet submissions, along with a few Kentucky-loving out-of-state cuties.

I decided to group these adorable little critters into categories. (Click on the image to see name and location of the animal!)

1. Let's start with our pets who love sports! This group was, by far, the biggest bunch so I had to break these down into sub-categories.

1a. First, there are the fans who love to wear the latest attire in athletic wear.

1b. Then you have the athletes themselves.

1c. Next, you have the spectators, who love to read about it or watch it on TV.

1d. Then, no sport nation would be complete without the ones who'd like to think of themselves as the refs.

2. Now, let's hear it for those fashionistas! This category is right up Tam's alley. We all love a well-dressed pet! From hats, to bows, to bandanas, to sweaters and even eye wear, our furry Kentucky critters have got it going on!

3. There are some of our loved ones that prefer the simple life, you know... taking it easy, lounging around the pool, hanging under trees and getting plenty of naps!

4. Others are on high alert, always with that look in their eye asking the question... "where is my treat?"

5. Some animals always look left...

6. Some always look right...

7. There are even some who like to stick their tongue out at you!

8. There are those that look like pet models...

9. Others who seem to ask the question, "why are you taking my picture"?

10. And last but not least, there are those that like to hang out with their buddies. Just like Tam and I love to do! Daggone it, if this blog doesn't make you all warm and fuzzy inside... you are a dud! Instead, be a bud and go hug your pets!

Happy #LoveYourPet Day!

Ps. Thank you to all for your wonderful submissions. I hope I captured the names and cities correctly of your pets but in the event I made a mistake, please accept my apology and just shoot me a note at and I will make the correction!

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