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KyTasteBuds 5 Favorite Things to do this Spring!

In case you missed it, Tam and I got the opportunity to visit our friends Troy Thompson and Katie Solove, on Channel 36's Midday Kentucky, a one-hour lifestyle entertainment program covering topics from head to toe on all things fashion, beauty, health, food and, of course, who doesn't love a bit of gossip? Right up our alley, don't you think?

We were asked to share a few of our favorite things to do in Kentucky and based on our recent adventures, this is what we came up with.

1. “A Mini Staycation” - How about a weekend at Chateau Bourbon, a gorgeous bed and breakfast tucked away in the Norton Commons development just northeast of downtown Louisville. It’s “comfort with a splash of bourbon”. There is a reason you keep hearing us talk it about it. It's A-MAZ-ING! Read more about our girls' weekend at Chateau Bourbon in our blog Where French Meets Southern Hospitality and you'll want to book your reservation today

2. “Bourbon is King” - Bourbon is an $8.5 billion dollar industry and one of which Tam and I knew nothing about, so we decided to remedy that by visiting Wilderness Trail Distillery, located on the Bourbon Trail in Danville, KY. We learned everything about the bourbon process as well as sampled their Ky Proud Blue Heron Vodka and Harvest Rum in their fabulous tasting room. On April 28th, WTD is going to release their 4-year-old, single barrel, Bottled in Bond bourbon at the “Taste of Danville”. Food, music and a 1000 bottles of bourbon for sale.... this is a surely a day you don't want to miss. For more information about Wilderness Trail Distillery visit Wilderness Trail Distillery or click the link for info on Taste of Danville.

3. “Go See a Horse” - Have you ever toured a horse farm? I hadn't. And neither have 50% of other Kentuckians we polled. Well you must change that. Our recent horse farm tour with Unique Horse Farm Tours, followed by a fantastic lunch experience at Hayden’s Stockyard Eatery by Chef DeRae Marcum at the new Bluegrass Stockyards (which offers super yummy Friday Fish Fries and Sunday Brunches btw) was one of our top experiences to date. Shaun Washington, an experienced horseman, is the best part of the trip with his humorous stories and knowledge of the industry. Go take your tour today while the horse farms and trees are blooming with spring flowers!

4. “A Trip to Somewhere New" – Our suggestion… a day in Frankfort. Tam and I hadn't been to the Capitol since we were kids and even though I lived in Frankfort, I had not experienced many of its great offerings. So we made a day of it, taking a self -guided tour of the Capitol, eating at the famous Rick’s White Light Diner (featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives) and visiting the historic and delicious Rebecca Ruth Candy Factory. To read more about our visit to "somewhere new" and why you should do the same, see our blog: It’s a Capitol idea!

5. “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” - Most of you know by now I am a scaredy cat, so when Tam suggested we go kayaking, I pictured toppled boats, snakes and rapids. But Tam convinced me to give it a try, because after all, that is what KyTasteBuds is all about, and I must say, it was one of our best days ever. There is nothing like turning off your cell phone, paddling peacefully down the Dix River in gorgeous High Bridge KY, with the warm sun on your shoulders all while taking in the beauty of Kentucky. There are no words to express the serenity and joy of that day. I am such a fan now and I cannot wait to go back! If you have been on the fence about kayaking, jump off. This is an amazing experience, you don't want to miss. To learn more about kayaking at High Bridge, click here.

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