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Brunch with the Buds Premier: Love is In the Air

Brunch with the Buds: 2nd edition, was just released! Here is a recap of the show and why you should listen:

1. Love expert, Dr. Jennifer Degler talks relationships. Find out what the number one mistake couples make that causes relationships to fail.

2. From Murder and Merriment to Eagle Watching, Tamara lists unique ideas for this Valentine's Day.

3. The people have spoken. Results of our Twitter Poll may shock you. Wow, who knew people had so many opinions about V-day?

4. Story time with Leigh - find out why Leigh is not a fan of Valentine's Day, especially at the office. Did someone say Secret Admirer?

5. Calling all singles, join Leigh in her approach to control Valentine's Blues by trying a few of these ideas this year.

6. Don't like Valentine's Day at all? Then maybe you can do what Garrett and his wife do.

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