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Winter Self Care Essentials

Article written by Nikki Edds

Kentucky has officially had its first snow! With more flurries and even colder temperatures on the horizon, we are reminded of everything there is to love about winter. However, the season can also wreak havoc on our bodies- both physically and mentally. To avoid these winter blues, here are a few simple self-care steps to ensure you are feeling your best through every frost, freeze, and early sunset!

Stay Warm

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One of the best feelings during these cold months is stepping in from outside into the warm heat and snuggling up by the fire with a blanket. CYL Infrared Studio has found a way to recreate that feeling while adding countless health benefits such as detoxification, improved circulation, weight loss, skin rejuvenation and more. These saunas are "pod" style where clients can lay down on a thick memory foam pad within a private suite. While keeping your head outside, the pod emits infrared and heats the body from the core, allowing the sweat to pull out toxins from muscles and tissues. The spa-like experience is the perfect way to work a quick 30 minutes into your day to warm up, decompress and make wellness a priority.

Stress Relief

From November to New Years, it may feel like every week is a repetitive go go go. There is always a to-do list that gets a new task added every time something else is checked off. Combine that with shorter days to complete what needs to be done and it can be easy for anyone to feel like they are just filled to the brim with tension and stress. Furthermore, too much stress can bring on a whole slew of issues; from unbalanced cortisol levels to headaches, trouble sleeping and more. In times like these, it is crucial to make yourself a priority. After all, if your cup is not full, how can you fill anyone else's?

Massage Strong is a local massage therapy studio that focus on pain relief, injury therapy, mobility and other benefits of massage through deep tissue techniques. Their staff is incredibly knowledgeable about anatomy and physiology and is "here to work with your body in a way to promote pain relief, healing and functional progress," according to their website. This treatment is recommended at least once a month for best results!

Combat Dry and Brittle Hair

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During the winter, the dry air from the cold outside and the heat inside can suck moisture out of your stands and leave them dry and prone to damage. Especially for those of us on the go- leaving the gym with hair still damp from sweat or heading to work with just towel dried hair can lead to breakage that is difficult to combat. Hourglass Aesthetics and Salon hair care services are here to the rescue with Olaplex, Keratin or Redken Acidic Bonding treatments! Stylists at Hourglass will be able to help you pick out the best treatment for your specific hair type. No matter what you choose, you are sure to leave the salon with conditioned, smoother and stronger locks- ready for any holiday party.

Prevent and Treat Dry Skin

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Not only can the dry air impact your hair, but your skin as well. A weakened skin barrier from forced air and heat in combination with long, hot showers and a decrease in natural oils can result in itchy, flaky and red skin. To combat these uncomfortable symptoms, turn to all- natural body cream from Kentucky Soaps and Such!

Kentucky Soaps and Such, based in Stanford, Kentucky, makes soaps, scrubs and salts from scratch and mixes their creams and liquid soaps with high-quality essential oils, according to their website. All products are made and packaged onsite in an effort to support local farmers, provide healing benefits for customers and make positive social impact a core value in their company. Their all-natural body cream is great for all skin types and doesn't leave skin feeling greasy or oily after use. The creams come in many great scents such as citrus, Kentucky mint julep, little black dress and more. Kentucky Soaps and Such also offers subscriptions to keep you stocked up all winter long!

Spend Time with Loved Ones!

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Last but definitely not least, there are few things more important than being surrounded by the people you love during this time. This season, Downtown Lex has put together an incredible list of family-friendly activities you can do around the city to celebrate. Join Tam and Leigh for the Holiday Lighting Festival at Triangle Park Sunday, November 27, from 3p-7p. Other activities include the Southern Lights Exhibit that spans 4 miles through the Kentucky Horse Park and features tens of thousands of lights, shows and entertainment, as well as Lexington's Christmas Parade with marching bands, performers and parade floats leading Santa through the city on December 3! Even if you can't make to any of these events, time spent in the living room, on the couch, or even on FaceTime with a loved one is the perfect way to beat the blues.


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