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Why You Need a Tax Accountant: Take it from a Former CPA

Happy New Year! Can you believe 2020 is here? I love almost everything about the start of a New Year from setting goals, to a renewed spirit, to planning vacation, however, there is also something that hangs over my head that I try very hard not to let invade my thoughts and that's the dreaded tax season. Now, as a former CPA, most people find it funny that I DESPISE - I mean DESPISE taxes, but out of all of the things I liked about accounting, tax is definitely not one of them.

Just a few years ago, my "tax" life was easy. With a corporate job, simple investments, one dependent and a husband that did my taxes, I had not a care in the world for the April 15th date. But since then, I've become self-employed with not one but two businesses (an LLC and a partnership), I've purchased a new home, got divorced and started my own pension plan, all of which have tax implications, and poor Tam, is in the exact same boat.

I tried painfully last year to do my taxes myself and I will tell you it was the most stressful part of my year. In addition to all of the changes in my life, the IRS made a mistake and mishandled my quarterly taxes which ended up taking over 9 months and a lot of cursing to resolve. It was a nightmare. So this year, Tam and I agreed that we would not put ourselves through it again. This year, we were hiring a tax accountant!

Picking a tax accountant is not something you should take lightly. For very simple portfolios, H&R Block or off-the-shelf tax programs may be just fine, but the minute you add complexity, that all changes. Tax accountants also vary as far as pricing, expertise, customer service commitment and availability, so it was important to us that we pick the right person. After researching and talking to a few accountants, we chose Katherine Bennett, CPA located in Georgetown, KY. Not only does she have an outstanding reputation, but she is also the most timely, responsive, and organized CPA I've met.

We contacted Katherine for a meet and greet and we became more impressed with her by the minute. With her automated scheduling, making an appointment was easy, and unlike most establishments, our meeting started right on time and ended right on time. We discussed everything from our life changes, to our concerns and lack of knowledge as two women who never managed our financials. Katherine asked in-depth questions, gave us a timeline and put any fear we had to bed. Not your stereotypical accountant, she is not only friendly and down to earth but has a real knack for explaining complicated issues in a way that's understandable. (See her pic below... what a warm and welcoming smile!) We left the office with a list of things to do, follow-up items, and a new wealth of knowledge about life as business partners.

Katherine goes the extra mile to make sure no stone goes unturned, maximizing our returns and minimizing our risks. Katherine also has top-notch software that allows us to upload important documents and streamline our time. In addition to taxes, Katherine does bookkeeping, software training, in-state and out-of-state taxes, quarterly filings, payroll, payables, invoicing and more. She even collaborates with planners and investors to help you in retirement and estate planning. She has connections to attorneys and insurance agencies that will not only protect your business but help you set up a new one! She is literally your one-stop shop for all things accounting and can totally customize her services to meet your needs no matter how simple or complicated they may be. And the best part is, her pricing is reasonable!

So take it from a former CPA and make the call to Katherine today! It's like having a fairy Godmother! Life will be so much easier! But don't delay. Tax season is a busy time of year and something you don't want to wait until the last minute to deal with. Until then, sign up for her newsletter at the bottom of her site and follow her social media. She gives amazing tips that make your financial life easier!


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