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What To Buy Your College Kid

This list comprised by our college interns, Seth Cambron and Mary Vezina

With Christmas season quickly approaching, gift ideas for college kids can be very tricky. Below are some great ideas that are useful and practical. All prices are based off of Amazon. Almost all are under $100!

1) Amazon Fire TV Stick ($27.99 Limited Time Deal!)

With streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu being so popular in today’s time, an Amazon Fire Stick is an excellent gift! Streaming comes in HD and allows users to take advantage of the convenient streaming apps that are on the market. In addition to streaming shows/movies, the Fire Stick allows users to listen to music on apps such as Spotify and Pandora and even has the “Alexa” feature built in!

As many of you may know, Air Fryers are becoming increasingly more popular. The Vortex Air Fryer allows users to air fry, roast, bake, and reheat. Unlike an oven, the air fryer has very little preheat time and the large basket is big enough to fit a 2 pound bag of fries. I must say that fries cooked in the air fryer turn out fantastic! With cooking capabilities being limited in dorm rooms the air fryer is the perfect gift.

How do college students survive? Coffee. These mini Keurig coffee makers are the perfect gift for students as they are small, portable, and fast! The K-Mini is only 5 inches wide and is able brew any cup that is between 6-12 oz. It comes in black, dusty rose, oasis, and gray. Prices vary based on color but the cheapest option is black which is listed at $79.99.

4) AirPod’s ($128.99)

Air Pods are the perfect gift for your student this year! With majority of school being online, many students are finding themselves needing headphones even more frequently than before. Whether it be a Zoom lecture, a new album release or listening to a favorite podcast, your student will enjoy the simplicity of connecting their AirPod’s to other products via Bluetooth.

5) Tile ($69.98)

If your student is anything like me, then they are constantly losing their belongings, making the Tile a perfect gift for them. The Tile is a Bluetooth device that attaches to your commonly lost items and is connected to an app on your phone. If the missing item is nearby, tap the ‘find' button and a sound should play from the Tile helping you to locate it. The Tile is offered in four different versions: the pro, the mate, the sticker and the slim. The pro and the mate are both made for everyday life – the only difference in the two is the range at which they will connect. The sticker is perfect for items that do not have a hook or loop for the tile to connect to – such as a TV remote. Finally, the slim will fit perfectly into your wallet, or there is also an adhesive on the back making it perfect to stick onto your other items.

6) Amazon Echo Dot - ($29.99)

Who doesn’t enjoy listening to some music while finishing up their homework or hanging out with their roommates?! An Amazon Echo Dot would be perfect for your student with its small and portable capabilities. The Echo Dot will also provide your student with hands-free calling, alarms to ensure that they’re always on time, updates on the weather and more.


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