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The 'Not So Obvious' Tailgating Must Have's

IT'S TIME! Football season is here and no one could be more excited than me. One of my favorite things about the season is tailgating so it's time we kickoff the year right with a list of 'not so obvious' must have's that will enhance your tailgate experience!

Everyone knows you need food, chairs, music, booze, a grill, etc... but here is a list of items you might not think about!

1. Tables and chairs - This sounds like tailgating 101 but it's easy to grab the food and beverages and forget the rest. Trucks and hatchbacks can serve as pretty good back ups but it's nice to have everything in its place for low maintenance handling. Check out this innovative table and chair concept with built-in cooler! Get yours here for only $66!

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2. Sunscreen - Don't be this guy! Yes, it's an exciting time of year but don't forget to protect yourself. Sunburns are no joke. According to, even a single sunburn can increase a person's risk of skin cancer. So, make sure to apply sunscreen at least 3-4 times during a long, tailgating day. Bring an extra bottle for your friends. Or at least an extra shirt.

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Hefty Poncho

3. Heavy duty trash bags - Trash bags can be pricey but the money is well worth the cost when cleaning up a tailgating mess. Who wants a broken trash bag of stale hotdogs and beer in their car? No one. That's who. So, invest a few extra bucks in the name brand bags. Plus, they serve as awesome makeshift rain ponchos!

4. Wet wipes - While we are on the subject of mess, add a package of wet wipes to your tailgating musts. Not only are they good for wiping off your hands and dirty surfaces, they also work well on splattered bbq faces. And on the same note, throw in a roll of toilet paper. When you gotta go, you gotta go.

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5. Fly Repellent - One of the things I hate most about outdoor eating are the bugs. So how about a handy, dandy fly fighter. There are several on the market but here is an inexpensive option from Amazon.

6. First Aid Kit - Maybe it's overkill but there are all kinds of reasons you may need one. How about a blister on your heel girls, when those cute little shoes stop being so cute? (Been there done that.) Or how about a scraped knee on the concrete when you dive for the overthrown football? Or what about a burn from the hot flames of the grill? Just saying... prepared is always better.

7. Fire extinguisher - Also, good for fires and "slowing down" uninvited advances from a drunken stranger. Bonus! See how useful our tips are!

8. Spare blankets and hand warmers - Naturally, for the colder months unless you are like me and freeze to death in 70-degree weather.

9. Bottle openers and cork screws - Nothing worse than having a bottle of your favorite vino and no ability to open it. It's like being at the game and leaving the tickets at home. Just like Tamara would say, "Ain't nobody got time for that!"

10. Personalized Flag or Marker - Ever tried to find a friend's tailgating spot? Sometimes, it's like looking for a needle in a haystack. So, how about a personalized flag to mark your spot from Northstar Flags? You can get even get one with your pretty face(s) on it. Just look at ours! :)

There you go! You're all ready for this weekend's football game. We hope to see you there! It's going to be a fun year! Go Cats!!


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