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The Content Of This Blog Is Sponsored By...Coffee!

Article by Myrna Hill

Coffee is one of those things most of us just can’t live without. Countless people rep t-shirts with “Don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee”, and truly need that amazing cup o’ joe to get themselves going in the morning. It can also bring people together in a beautiful way. Meeting an old friend to catch up, a first date, or even a job interview all happen in coffee shops! As a matter of fact, the first time I met the Buds was at A Cup of Commonwealth, a cute little shop right here in Lexington!

This year, Jacqueline-Lexington Design Co and Sourcefully, two local branding companies, have put together the very first Lexington Coffee Week. It is February 17-23 with over 25 participating stores! How it works is that each shop creates a signature drink at only $3--no other cost is associated with the event! All you have to do is hit up any coffee shop on the list of participants and order up their signature drink. Some are super unique and honestly, kind of strange, others are more traditional drinks. There is something for every palate, even non-coffee drinkers; some featured drinks are tea-based. I am so excited for this local event, as I love coffee and supporting small businesses.

Here is a list of participating shops:

My favorite things about coffee are of course the taste, but also how it brings people together. One of my favorite things to do is check out a local coffee shop with friends and just sit and talk. As for my personal coffee taste, I am a HUGE cold brew fan! I would rather have my hand be freezing while carrying my cold cup to class than have a hot coffee go lukewarm before I get to finish. I am more of a sip-and-savor coffee drinker, and just one good-sized cup is enough for me. However, I could drink it any time of day! I do like flavor in coffee too, but not so much that it hides the bold flavor coffee has. In my opinion, black coffee is gross and the flavor and cream just enhances the flavor!

Whether you like black coffee, creamer with a splash of coffee, or don’t like it at all, Lexington Coffee Week has something for you! Check out @lexingtoncoffeeweek on Instagram to find the participating locations and their drinks, and keep up with the Buds as we check out some of the shops during Coffee Week!


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