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The Best of Lexington Coffee Week

Written by Myrna Hill

Mizudashi Tonic - Manchester Coffee Co

Last week, I wrote a blog on the anticipation and excitement surrounding the upcoming Lexington Coffee Week. The week included nearly 30 participating coffee shops in Lexington, each featuring a unique drink exclusive to Coffee Week. Some shops even featured a coffee AND a tea drink, but if we’re being honest, tea is not my cup of tea. I was able to make it to 7 locations and try their drinks. After having 2 or 3 coffees a day, I think it’s safe to say my body needed a coffee detox!

Most of the drinks were traditional coffee flavors, like hazelnut, vanilla, and chocolate, but others really took it to the next level and created some crazy concoctions. One place, Nate’s Coffee, managed to infuse a classic southern dish like chicken and waffles into a latte, and several places utilized various herbs and fruit flavors as well. Unfortunately I did not make it out to Nate’s to try it, but I can imagine it was amazing! Who doesn’t love chicken and waffles?

My goal in sampling all of the drinks throughout the week was to really branch out and try things I otherwise wouldn’t. I am absolutely the person who orders the exact same thing every time I get coffee, so I needed a change. That being said, the drinks I managed to get my hands on were:

Common Grounds--Kentucky Mist

Chocolate Holler--Honey Bee Cappuccino

Coffea--Cinnamon Toast Crunch Latte

Coffee Times--Blueberry Pie a la mode

Manchester Coffee Co--Mizudashi Tonic

Old School Coffee--Pistachios and Cream Latte

The Human Bean--Razzmatazz

My top 3 are without a doubt the Mizudashi Tonic, Pistachios and Cream Latte, and the Cinnamon Toast Crunch Latte! The Mizudashi Tonic consisted of a cold brew reduction with grapefruit, elderflower, lavender, and other floral flavors. I honestly expected to hate this drink, but it was my top favorite, just because it was so unique and creative. The cold brew flavor was smooth and bold, as the fruity flavors complimented each other and created a sweet, juice-like profile. Sounds kinda gross, but trust me, it was amazing.

The Cinnamon Toast Crunch was a close second, with an amazingly sweet/cinnamon flavor without being too overpowering. CTC is also my favorite childhood cereal, so I knew it would be good.

Last, the Pistachios & Cream took me by surprise. I really don’t like pistachios a whole lot, but the homemade pistachio cream Old School offered was delicious! It was thick and creamy with a sweet and slightly-nutty flavor.

As for the others, I liked them all with the exception of the KY Mist, but this was essentially a London Fog, a tea-based drink, so it just wasn’t for me.

I had so much fun getting to try new drinks during Coffee Week and just exploring Lexington and getting out of my comfort zone. I wish I could have made it to every place, but I think I would have had a caffeine overload! All in all, Coffee Week was amazing and I absolutely cannot wait until next year. If you’re a coffee lover and small business supporter, check out the local coffee shop scene for some awesome drinks, friendly staff, and a cozy environment!

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