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Summertime Fun in Kentucky

Article Written by Jamison Cooper

If you’re like me, as things are opening back up, you may be wondering what you can get out and do. Although not every thing is back up and running, there are tons of ways to stay busy. Going to restaurants and shopping is always a go to, but if you’re looking for something more Lexington offers so many options.

If you’re still wary of crowds, lakes and hiking trails have opened back up for the most part. One of my favorite summer time activities is going to the lake. Whether it’s with family or friends it’s never a bad day when you’re on the water. If you’re looking for somewhere close by, Herrington Lake is a great option with a couple different marinas. Lake Cumberland is another great lake too but is just a bit further away. If you’re looking for something more casual Kentucky offers some amazing hiking spots. Red River Gorge is the first place I heard of for hiking when I first moved here. It has absolutely stunning views and makes for a really fun trip. You can make a whole day of it by taking your friends, family, pets, whoever, pack up a little picnic and just enjoy yourselves.

Now if you’re wanting a little more social interaction, Lexington has also opened up its weekend farmers markets which are something I used to love to go to back in Georgia. It was always cool to go and see what local products were being offered, pick some up and try them out. After spending the morning at the farmers market you can just relax for the day then head over to Talon Winery to enjoy some live music and wine. Starting June 19th, the winery will be starting back up with free live music to enjoy on Friday and Saturday’s. You will definitely see me in attendance some nights, with friends for a fun girls wine night out. Hopefully as things continue to reopen, more summer events will continue to pop up, but for right now there are still some exciting options you should definitely take advantage of!


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