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Origin Lexington - The Staycation You Need

As we begin to emerge from the pandemic, we are yearning to travel. We want to go somewhere...anywhere really. But do you hit the open road for hours on end, fly the not-so-friendly skies, and take your dollars to parts unknown or would it be better to stay local and keep those tourism dollars in-state? We vote for a staycation because we know that right here in our own backyard of Kentucky there are so many fantastic spots to explore. Our fellow Kentuckians in the hospitality industry have been hit especially hard by the pandemic, so anything we can do to help restore our economy, we are here for it. Luckily for us, the Origin Hotel Lexington, a one of a kind hotel located at the poppin' Summit at Fritz Farm in our hometown of Lexington is the perfect solution for satisfying our need to get away from it all, without going too far from home.

Origin Hotel is a true taste of the Kentucky lifestyle. There are bourbon and equestrian details throughout the beautifully appointed space. For example, the onsite restaurant is called 33 Staves, a nod to our bourbon heritage, that offers southern-inspired dishes using locally-sourced ingredients. They have handcrafted cocktails with names like the "Bless Your Heart" margarita and the "New Circle Nightcap" that features Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream. It's where every local or out-of-towner should go for dinner or brunch! Just inside the door you will find stick horses for kids to play with because every kid wants to see a horse when they come to Kentucky; and on the wall just past the fireplace there is a giant mural of a lady in a beautiful hat. They've covered the KY trifecta: bourbon, horses and beautiful women!

The rooms themselves have more nods to the horse industry with brass handles on the grass-green cabinetry that floats along one side of the wall underneath a TV monitor that welcomes you by name next to a picture of a horse. The warm wood floors are reminiscent of barnwood and the comfortable chairs are made of fine saddle leather. The lines are clean and modern; the beds are pillowy soft. An extra-special touch is the French press coffee station. As a huge coffee lover, this was huge! (They have a Keurig, too, for those who are too impatient in the morning and need their coffee stat!) Something else that was surprising was the fact that even though you are right at one of the busiest intersections in Lexington, you don't hear any street noise. You have all of the shopping and dining options that the Summit offers right outside the door of the hotel, but you feel cocooned inside your room. Quiet rooms = good night's rest.

Besides giving you a true taste of horse country, Origin Lexington is also a firm believer in balance. While we like to go on vacation and indulge ourselves, it's important to offer guests the chance to eat healthy and exercise. To help in these endeavors, they offer a state-of-the-art gym with cardio equipment and TRX, in-room yoga kits including a mat, strap, & block, a water bottle filling station, and access to local running routes via the RunGo app. 33 Staves offers some healthy dining options as well. I particularly enjoyed the Harvest Bowl with salmon. You feel better when you eat something like that before indulging in the walnut brownie a la mode. So while I'm not one to particularly go all out on finding ways to exercise while on vacation, it is a very nice touch and I'm sure there are loads of people that would take advantage of these features! In addition, the hotel is kid and pet friendly, so you don't have to leave those valuable family members at home...unless you want to.

A staycation this year makes so much sense. You've got a unique place to stay in the Origin with a vast array of shopping and activities right at your doorstep, and we all know that the people in Kentucky are the nicest anywhere! The staff at Origin Lexington may have come from different parts of the country, but they all share the same philosophy of southern hospitality. We particularly enjoyed the bartenders and servers in the restaurant. They treated us like we were VIPs; something we could all use these days. Don't you want to feel special and appreciated? We sure do! So when planning your next vacation, remember the KY Tourism slogan of "Stay close. Go far." We are confident that a trip to Lexington, complete with a stay at Origin Lexington, will fill all of your travel desires, and the best part is it will help get Kentucky's economy back on track.

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Greg Maggard
Greg Maggard
Apr 27, 2021

Awesome!! Thank you for all your suggestions and information about our community and surrounding businesses!

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