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Motherhood has come a long way, Baby!

By Alannah Molenda

First off, I wanna start by saying Happy Mother’s Day to all of the awesome moms out there! This is my first Mother’s Day, as I currently have an 8-day old baby. Just in time, right? I will say that this is the best I’ve ever felt. Being a mom is so empowering and it’s truly a blessing. Now that I am a mom, I commend all the other moms even more!! However, some days are tough. The sleepless nights, a fussy baby with no explanation… it’s hard. Thankfully, as a new mom in 2021, I have some of the best products and resources that help me get through the day as a mother, which is what this blog is all about!

Some may call me, “boujee,” but come on now.. it’s 2021, and people are already successfully building robots. Of course I have a bluetooth-controlled, automatic baby swing! If I had a dollar for every time someone said, “They didn’t have that when I was a new mom,” I’d probably be a millionaire. Technology is so advanced these days that you can find just about anything. Even your most basic baby products have been completely remade to make motherhood easier for the modern day mom. If you’re a mom in 2021 or planning to be one, you might find this very helpful. If you’re not a new mom, you’re in for a treat!

2021 Baby Product vs. “The Old Days”

1. The 4moms MamaRoo Infant Seat vs. Traditional Baby Swing

The MamaRoo Infant Seat has already been a HIT with my baby girl. This modern baby “swing” has up to 6 different ranges of motion that bounce and sway the same as you do when rocking your baby! It also has built-in sounds and can be connected to an MP3 player. The seat itself can recline to several different positions, so that your baby can be comfortable at any size. The best part? This seat is bluetooth compatible, so it can be started, stopped, and motions can be changed all from your smartphone.

Price: $219

2. Baby Doona vs. Traditional Car Seat/Stroller combo

So far, the Baby Doona is my most favorite and recommended product. Unlike your traditional car seat and stroller bundle, the Doona is both a car seat and a stroller in ONE. With the simple press of a button on the back, the wheels come out from the bottom of the carseat, turning it into a stroller. The handle extends, so you have the perfect length handle for a stroller. Once you’re ready to go back in the car, you press the same button to fold the wheels back up into the seat, so it fits perfectly into the car seat base. As a petite mom, this is absolutely amazing. Carrying around a car seat can be a lot of work, but with the Doona, you can easily turn it into a stroller, so it can be pushed instead. This product is a MUST for new moms.

Price: $499

3. Willow Pump vs. Traditional Breast Pump

Second on my list of favorite products is the Willow Pump. If you’re a breastfeeding mom, this is a game changer. The Willow Pump is a wireless set of spill-proof, breast-shaped pumps that fit perfectly into your bra, so you can pump on-the-go (or around the house without having to stay in one place). Taking the time to sit and hookup to a traditional pump can sometimes be an inconvenience, especially for busy moms. With the willow pump, all you have to do is: insert a milk storage bag (fits inside the pump) or a milk container (fits on the back of the pump), place the pump in your bra and secure it to your breast, turn it on, set your suction level, and start pumping! When your pump is full, it automatically stops pumping for you. Each pump can hold up to 4oz of breastmilk. Once full, empty the milk container or put in a new storage bag to keep pumping. If you want to track your milk flow, you can bluetooth your pumps to the Willow mobile app. The app allows you to track how much milk is currently in each pump during a session, how long each pump has been pumping, you can track your previous pumping sessions, and it tells you the battery life of each pump. Willow pump comes with a charger that quickly charges each pump when the battery life starts to go down. This product is perfect for busy breastfeeding moms, and I highly recommend it!

Price: $499

4. HALO BassiNest Vibrating Swivel Sleeper vs. Traditional Co-Sleeper

The HALO BassiNest Vibrating Swivel Sleeper is everything the modern mom needs to make sure her little one is sleeping safe and sound throughout the night. The base of the sleeper allows you to adjust it to the height of your bed, so it’s as if your baby is sleeping right next to you! The netted walls of the HALO make it easy for you to see the baby at any time throughout the night. When you need to grab your baby out of the bassinet, the bedside wall folds down when pressure is applied, making it a simple range of motion to pick up your baby. When it’s time to put your baby to sleep, turn on the (dim) built-in nightlight for visibility, press the vibrate button to provide a soft vibration (HALO mattress will vibrate) to soothe him/her, and push the sound button for calm sounds that remind baby of the womb. For storage purposes, the HALO has two side pockets that are perfect for bottles, pacifiers, diapers, and other small objects. I’ll be the first to tell you that this sleeper is a lifesaver! Checking on the baby during the nighttime couldn’t be any easier.

Price: $230

5. Owlet Monitor Duo vs. Traditional Camera Monitor

In my opinion, the coolest baby product out on the market is the Owlet Monitor Duo. You’ll miss a beat (literally) with these two products. The Owlet sock is a soft, adjustable, sock-shaped monitor that wraps around your baby’s foot. While your little one is fast asleep, the Owlet sock tracks the baby's heart rate, oxygen levels, sleep patterns, and sleep quality. The sock is bluetooth compatible, so you can access all of the baby's information from your smartphone with the Owlet app. If your baby’s heart rate or oxygen levels leave the, “Safe Zone,” the Owlet app will send a notification to your phone, so that you can check on your baby. The Owlet camera can be placed anywhere near your baby’s sleeping area. Similar to the sock, it bluetooths to your phone through the Owlet app. Once hooked up, you have a full 130-degree-wide-angle view of your baby. For night time, HD Night Vision is turned on, so that you can still see your little one in the dark. The Owlet camera also has 4x zoom features, and a room temperature sensor. When sound and large ranges of motion are detected, Owlet sends a notification to your phone to check on our baby. These products have been what help me sleep at night. They’re the perfect way to know that your baby is okay!

Price: $324

6. Baby Brezza Formula Dispenser vs. Traditional Bottle Making

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any more high-tech! Let’s discuss this automatic baby bottle maker. That’s right, the Baby Brezza Formula Dispenser instantly makes a warm, formula bottle. With 3 different temperature settings, the option to dispense 2-10oz, and technology that is created to mix formula and water to the right consistency, you can have the perfect bottle in no time. Baby Brezza is compatible with all formula and bottle types, so there’s no limit on what you can do. All you have to do is fill the top container with formula, and fill the back container with water. Set the temperature and the amount of ounces that you would like dispensed, secure your bottle under the spot, and start the machine. This product makes night feeding 10x easier. No more getting up and measuring the ounces, mixing, and warming the bottle. What’s even better is that Baby Brezza can also be controlled from your smartphone when you download the app. Night time feeding has never been easier!

Price: $199

7. Wipe Warmer vs. Pack of Baby Wipes

Sounds a little extra, I know, but this product is so nice that you may wanna grab one for yourself! As us moms know, babies are pretty sensitive to the cold. Sometimes even a cold wipe on their bottom can give them a bit of a stun. A wipe warmer helps your baby stay calm and relaxed during diaper changes. Grab a pack of wipes, and empty it into the wipe warmer. Once the top is sealed and the warmer is plugged in, the low-voltage warmer keeps wipes at the perfect temperature for your baby; not too hot, not too cold. The wipe warmer heats wipes from the top to protect the bottom surfaces. I promise this is a product that your baby would be grateful for!

Price: $24.99

8. Munchkin Portable Pacifier Sterilizer vs. Water

Everyone laughed at me when I put this product on my registry. “Girl, just run that pacifier under some warm water, and put it back into the baby’s mouth." However, I stand on my beliefs that this product is essential. With Covid being an issue in today’s society, along with several other germs, I simply refuse to just run some warm water over my baby's pacifier that fell on the ground. Preposterous! Not to mention, what if you’re out and about and there’s no sink nearby to wash off the pacifier? “Girl, just put that pacifier in your mouth to get the germs off, and put it back into that baby’s mouth." No, thank you; I don't want the germs either! That’s why you need the Munchkin Portable Pacifier Sterilizer. All you have to do is put the pacifier in the sterilizer, close the top, and it quickly sterilizes the pacifier with a UV-C light in 59 seconds. It is proven to kill 99% of bacteria on the pacifier. To ensure a long-lasting battery, the sterilizer comes with a portable charger. It’s small size and silicone strap allow you to hook it on diaper bags, purses, and more. To me, you need this!

So, I think we can agree that motherhood is advancing, and it’s only making us better! Being a mom is a big responsibility, so there’s no harm in finding products that can help take some weight off of the job. New and upcoming moms, you’re welcome! Current moms whose babies are no longer babies, I apologize that you had to miss out on these products, but commend yourself for all of the hard work that you did! We are mothers, and each of us are strong, powerful, and amazing! Happy Mother’s Day, and reward yourself. You deserve it!

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