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Meet our new intern, Olivia!

Hi everyone, Olivia here! I am so excited to be interning with the Kentucky Taste Buds for my last semester at the University of Kentucky! I cannot wait to provide you with all the little joys, and wonders, our Bluegrass state has to offer us. I spent the first half of my life moving around as an Army brat and I can confidently say that Cape Cod, Massachusetts and West Virginia cannot compare to my beautiful, old Kentucky home. My family finally settled in La Grange, Kentucky and we have loved it here ever since. After all, what is not to love about a state with great views, incredible food and a rich culture that encompasses some of the happiest people I have ever seen.

I spent my Freshman year of college at Bellarmine University and quickly transferred to the

University of Kentucky where I found what I am most passionate about; how to communicate

with people in the most effective way possible. I am a Senior earning my degree in Integrated

Strategic Communications with a minor in Business. Where I will go after I graduate is full of

possibilities, so we will see where life takes me! My favorite thing about being a student the

University of Kentucky is the culture that comes along with it. No one loves their school as

much as we do, and I think many of us can attest to that!

In my free time I can be found spending every waking moment with my English Springer Spaniel puppy, Vada. This includes a multitude of outdoor activities that include our morning walks, fishing and hiking, I love to read and enjoy cuddling up on the couch with a good book (Colleen Hoover has me hooked) and like I mentioned earlier, I am an avid foodie and self-proclaimed home chef. If I’m not cooking myself, I can most likely be found at Bear & The Butcher (my boyfriend’s personal favorite) or at Desserts by Rebecca (I’m going to have to start hitting the gym if Rebecca doesn’t stop creating new culinary perfections).

I’m so excited to learn from the Kentucky Taste Buds and share the hidden gems Kentucky has to offer us!


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