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Just Call Me A "Renaissance" Woman

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Blog by: Leigh Roach

Do you consider yourself a traveler? It seems there are three types:

1. The kind that lives on airplanes and in hotels - your typical sales rep.

2. The kind that never leaves their home, much less their city - the typical town hermit.

3. The kind that travels once, maybe twice a year, if lucky, on vacation - the typical "everybody else".

That's me, number 3. Or should I say, that was the old me. One of the best parts of Kentucky Taste Buds is adopting the new belief that you don't need a vacation to elevate your lifestyle. In fact, it's become our mission to inspire others to subscribe to our new founded mantra.

Here is a good example. Last weekend, I wanted to see the fireworks on the water in Cincinnati for Labor Day Weekend. As long as I've lived in Kentucky, I have never seen fireworks on the water. It's a bucket list item and it's only an hour from my house so I thought, wouldn't it be nice to go for the night, enjoy a good dinner by the water and stay at a lux hotel? I wanted to treat myself. I think it's ironic that we will spend a weekend going shopping, getting our nails done, having dinner and drinks at some hip, new place, take in a movie... yet convince ourselves that staying in a hotel an hour away is too frivolous. When you do the math, it's not that different.

Please don't get me wrong. I am not preaching foolhardiness. In fact, one of the best things about the internet today is the ability to research. I scour travel websites for deals, reviews, locations, and availability. In addition, I have created a new habit where I try to select a hotel I've not previously visited that fits my budget, and that's exactly what I did on my visit to Cincinnati.

After a few days of watching prices, I selected the Renaissance Hotel in Downtown Cincinnati. Normally, I choose Kentucky accommodations, but there was something about this hotel that just resonated with me. First, it was the location. It was within walking distance of everything I wanted to do that evening. That's HUGE! Being Labor Day weekend, I knew the streets would be jammed, plus, it's always nice to get my Fitbit steps in, just saying.

Second was the look and feel of the hotel. I could discern from their photo gallery that this was a posh yet cozy environment, and while I was signed up to spend a little extra money that weekend, the cost was affordable, and the 4.5-star rating was all I needed to validate my instinct.

Let me just say, the Renaissance Hotel did not disappoint. In fact, I fell in love. Seriously. From the minute I walked into the lobby to the moment I rested my head on my pillow, I was in heaven. Being a graphic artist, I have a huge love for design, including architectural, interior and sculptural. There are so many aesthetically pleasing details in this hotel. You can see from the imagery below just what I mean. From highboy chairs adorned with silver rivets to chrome vases encased in glass shelves to white marble floors contrasted with ebony ceilings, the place is simply stunning.

But it didn't stop there. I have seen on several occasions where a hotel will spend its bank on the lobby - the first impression - and then stop there. Not at the Renaissance. Walking in the room was like walking into a cloud. It emanated "serene getaway". The soft, cool color palette meshed well with crisp geometric patterns ensconced on the walls, drapes and flooring. The room was made to be spacious with minimal accent furniture and functional space usage. The pattern of chrome and glass carried upward from the lobby to the boudoir, making the room modern yet comfortable. But most importantly, let's not forget the bed. The luxurious golden, flecked down comforter topped with the softest feather pillows in the state of Ohio literally made me contemplate just going to bed - for the whole weekend.

The bathroom was equally as swanky. Black and white wallpaper that made you stop, stare and ask, what am I looking at? It evoked the artist in me. I especially liked the decorative 20's embellished mirror and the contemporary seamless glass doors hung like an old barn door. It's simply stunning and most importantly, clean. Spic and span restrooms are a must.

But here is the kicker. Yes, the room was gorgeous; it had all the essential amenities you might expect like the coffee maker, ironing board, fridge and TV, but it also had the extras. Instead of a plain old coffee maker, it was a Keurig (love that). In addition to your typical cable channels, you had the option to connect to Pandora, HBO GO and Netflix. How cool is that? But my favorite part is that I had told the hotel that I was coming up for the weekend and while Ky Taste Buds is not famous by any stretch of the imagination, the hotel's staff welcomed me with a bottle of nice Merlot (my fav) and a fruit and cheese tray. Talk about top-notch service!

The hotel also has a fabulous restaurant and bar called D. Burnham's. It uses fresh, local ingredients in their contemporary Midwestern American menu. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, this is the place to be. Named after the building's iconic American architect, Daniel Burnham, the Renaissance Hotel was originally Cincinnati’s original skyscraper at 18 stories tall. Paying homage to its history, it is a fabulous spot for a great culinary experience in the heart of downtown Cincy.

In summary, my experience with the Renaissance exceeded my expectations! From its beauty, location, price and customer service, it just can't be beat. I highly recommend it. Forget the movies and dinner at Applebee's this weekend. Drive up to Cincy for a night of something new. Become a Renaissance Man... or Woman. You won't be sorry.

PS. I loved the fireworks!! What a great night!! And a big, big thank you to Lisa and the staff of the Renaissance for making our experience the best!


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