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Five Things to Love About Marietta, GA!

Article Written by Morgan Boyd

The best thing about visiting or moving to a new state is getting to explore new places and things that are local to the area. When I first came to Kentucky three years ago I enjoyed trying new things that I had never experienced before. I am originally from Marietta, Georgia and although you would assume the two would be similar because they are both considered to be in the southern region, there were so many things that I had never even heard of. Since living in Kentucky I love when my Kentucky native friends come to visit me and I get to show them around my hometown. There are so many great things about Marietta that I love, here are some of my favorites!

1. Georgia has so many beautiful rolling hills and landscapes, there is no shortage of walking trails and hikes around Marietta. I love being outdoors and active so it's no surprise that one of my favorite things about Marietta is the different trails that are available. One of my favorite trails is Leita Thompson. This trail is a short 2 mile hike that passes a small lake. It's perfect because it is not too long but you are still able to get outside and get active. The trail is a memorial to businesswoman and philanthropist Leita Thompson. In addition to the hike you are able to learn the history of the property and more about the work that Leita did.

Photo credit from www.rootsrated.com.

2. The Big Chicken is a KFC restaurant and is a staple to the Marietta area. Located in the middle of Cobb Parkway is a 56 foot chicken. If you look closely at the structure you can watch as the eyeball moves around in a circle and the beak opens and closes. I love The Big Chicken because I can use it as a landmark to explain how to get anywhere in Marietta. If anyone is trying to get somewhere I will describe to them the destination and proximity to the big chicken. For example, If you were looking to find Marietta Square I would tell you “it is downtown just past The Big Chicken.”

Photo credit from www.ajc.com.

3. Staying along the food route one of my favorite restaurants that is local to Marietta is the Marietta Diner. This diner gives off the classic 90’s look with the neon front. The menu is a book, it would take months to try everything on the menu there are so many options. The portions that they give you are so large that you will have leftovers for days. However, the best part is the gigantic slices of cake that come in dozens of different flavors. The Marietta Diner was featured on Guy Fieri’s Drive Ins, Diners, and Dives and pictures of him can be seen on the front page of every single menu.

Photo credit from www.11alive.com.

4. Marietta is a town that has a ton of history. A sall part of that history can be found at the Marietta Square. There is something for everyone at The Marietta Square, whether it be shopping, museums, and of course food. Oftentimes there will be festivals held at The Marietta Square, one of my favorites is the chalk festival called Chalktoberfest. Artists from all around Georgia get to show off their sidewalk chalk skills and create beautiful works of art all around the square.

Photo credit from www.chalktoberfest.com.

Photo credit from www.ajc.com.com.

5. You can’t talk about Marietta without mentioning the shiny new Braves stadium. Truist park is located in between Marietta and the Atlanta metropolitan area. Truist park is attached to The Battery Atlanta which is a large entertainment complex that includes places to live, shop, and eat. There are so many great local Marietta restaurants within The Battery you can’t go wrong with any of them. It is so fun to be able to be in the middle of the action by attending a game in the stadium. If that is not your style I also love sitting in one of the restaurants in The Battery and watching the game from afar.

Photo credit from www.ballparksofbaseball.com.