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Five Reasons You Should Do Your Holiday Shopping at Buffalo Trace Distillery!

Christmas shopping can be a drag sometimes, especially for those hard-to-buy for people. Choosing the right gift for someone can require a lot of time and deep thought which I am limited on these days. I do confess however, Tam is an extremely thoughtful gift-giver. She rarely presents the standard gift card or big box chain offerings. So it makes sense that she is the brains behind our Holiday Hot List - she is good at focusing on what's new and what matters. But this year, I found a great place to shop for all people and I am spreading the news. Are you ready for this? Buffalo Trace Distillery. Yes, you read it right. A distillery. And here are five reasons why this makes sense.

1. Buffalo Trace Distillery truly has something for everyone. You don't believe me? Tam and I got the opportunity to shop there this week and they literally had everything from cookbooks, to camping gear, stuffed animals, Christmas ornaments, bar ware, grill ware, clothing, hats and of course alcohol. Need I say more?

2. Buffalo Trace works with local craftsman to provide Kentucky Proud products that support our Bluegrass economy. Just check out these leather coasters made by Clayton and Crume in Louisville. I picked these up myself! Not to mention, the many products they create in-house using their very own bourbon. They have everything from Buffalo Trace marinade, to caramel sauce, bourbon-infused coffee and more!

3. Buffalo Trace Distillery equals heritage. Founded in 1792, Buffalo Trace is considered the oldest distillery in Kentucky manufacturing the best bourbons in the world. Their brands include The Antique Collection, Sazerack, Elmer T. Lee, George T. Stagg, Blanton's, Van Winkle, Eagle Rare, EH Taylor and of course, Buffalo Trace to name a few. That's what makes their merchandise so coveted and valuable. My husband and I are huge fans of Buffalo Trace products which is why I couldn't resist these leather-encased bourbon glasses and decorative Blanton's bottle top stave. These are statement pieces that every Bourbon lover would be proud to display.

4. They have unique items. Like I mentioned before, some people are really hard to buy for. Take men for instance. Every year all of us women in the family cry over what to get the men in our lives. I am telling you, this is the place to shop. Problem solved. They have bourbon cologne, bourbon soap, and bourbon beard products. But that's not all. They have fun tees, awesome travel bags and how about this outdoor fire pit (see below). Super cool! And if they don't like any of that, get them a tour pass of the distillery. They have several tours available and I can tell you from experience, they are a blast. I took my husband for his birthday last year and we loved it!

5. Buffalo Trace will get you lit this Christmas, and not in the way you might think! Their drive-thru Christmas display will light up your holiday season like nothing else with their 150,000 colored lights, including four new displays by their newly expanded visitors center. Best of's FREE!

Covid-19 has made shopping difficult for everyone this year but have no fear, Buffalo Trace to the rescue. I would highly recommend visiting their enormous gift shop because there is so much to see, but if you can't make it, shop online. Plus, they ship and do curbside pickup making it easy on us all! Their customer service is so wonderful; if you don't see what you want online, just give them a call and they will help you out. Happy shopping, my friends! Tam and I racked up!

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15 déc. 2020

Love your site! Lots of gift ideas!

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