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Family Fun at Freaky Flicks

Article Written By Nikki Edds

Last Saturday, Lexington Parks and Recreation hosted their last ‘Freaky Flicks' event of the season at Moondance Amphitheater.

Freaky Flicks is a family-friendly movie event put on each Saturday in October to get attendees “Spooky Season ready,” according to Each showing presents a different film in varying locations throughout the city. Movie-goers can bring their own blankets and chairs along with their own picnics or they can order from the food and dessert trucks on-site.

The season opened with Hocus Pocus at Masterson Station Park on Oct. 1, followed by Ghostbusters: Afterlife Oct. 8 at Moondance Amphitheater.

The season finale, also hosted at Moondance Amphitheater, presented Addams Family Values, the second film installment in the iconic franchise. Addams Family Values follows the creepy and unconventional, yet loveable, Addams family as they welcome a new baby and try and save Uncle Fester from his murderous new wife.

The night began at 6:30 p.m. with a kid’s costume contest where three trophies were up for grabs. Children came dressed in an array of costumes from princesses and unicorns to spirit-hunting ghostbusters. On this evening, a group of middle school girls dressed as cool kittens took home third place, a young Minion took home second and Spongebob took home first for remaining in character all night.

As the sun began to set, parents were able to sit back and relax while young children played various games of tag or volleyball. Bobby Pickett’s “Monster Mash” played gently in the back while the Lexington Parks and Recreation team set up the film on the projector.

Shortly after darkness fell, families settled in, snuggling close to each other with blankets and layered coats.

While Freaky Flicks is a family-friendly event, Addams Family Values is full of witty innuendos and adult jokes that may go over a younger audiences head. More often than not on this night, it seemed the adults were laughing harder and more often than any of the children.

Freaky Flicks is free for all attendees and is set to return next October. Lexington Parks and Recreation has more themed events planned for the season including the Halloween Variety Show, Halloween and Thriller Parade, Carve and Chip’n, Dia de los Muertos Festival and more. For more information visit


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