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"Counting Down" Has Never Been More FUN!

Article written by intern Myrna Hill:

Want something fun to do with your family, an exciting date night, or corporate team building event? Countdown Games is the place for you! Countdown Games is a locally-owned labyrinth of escape rooms, ranging in themes of a prison break to detonating a bomb. What’s amazing is that the owners have developed each room on their own, creating hard-to-crack interactive puzzles that test your creativity, communication skills, and ability to work effectively with others. People have traveled across the country to Lexington, just to solve all the rooms at Countdown Games. The rooms vary in difficulty, but are suitable for all ages. One of the employees explained to us that a group of Computer Science PhDs from UK were unable to break out!

We had the opportunity to try out one of the nine rooms Countdown Games offers. Ours was a medieval castle theme, with exciting hidden clues full of wizards, witches, and knights! It is definitely a game of creativity and communication, but we had a blast. Unlike the PhD students, we broke out before the one hour deadline with time to spare!

Personally, I enjoy tasks that work my brain and get me thinking outside of the box. As a college student, it feels sometimes my creative muscles don’t get worked as often, so trying something like an escape room is a fun way to think outside of academics. The adrenaline rush from finally cracking the code is awesome too! I also learned that I prefer working through a puzzle or something similar to an escape room is way more fun with a group, especially those who have different strengths than I do. For example, I’m more quiet and like to think through a situation, but when you have a time constraint, that can be detrimental.

I didn’t think I would enjoy an escape room as much as I did, but I would love to go back and go through more of what Countdown Games has to offer. In addition, going with the rest of the Buds made me realize how well we all fit together, and how our strengths and weaknesses work off one another to make a great team! They stay pretty booked, so if you want a chance to break out, a reservation is recommended. Countdown Games is an awesome, out-of-the-box way to bond with friends, family, and coworkers alike!

PS: A big thank you to Michael of Countdown Games for allowing us to visit and being the perfect host! You guys rock!


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